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IGN article with Phil Spencer

So apparently Phil Spencer has been in talks with Activision about making a new Geometry Wars game. All he really mentions is that he has, "a lot of love for GW," and that, "Conversations have been had..."

I, for one, am excited about this rumour. Geometry Wars is right up there with Mario 64 as one of my favourite launch games ever, and GW 2 is in my top ten favourite games list.

What is your opinion on this rumour? Will the fact that it could be an Xbox One exclusive (or timed exclusive at least) bum you out in any way?

Personally, I would even be happy if Activision released GW 2 on Steam, but a new game announcement would make my year.

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That's awesome sauce.

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@adamwd Does not matter Geometry Wars was made by one guy.

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I've actually never played these games.

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It's way to late at this point, but it would have been so sick if they had shipped with a Geometry wars on the HDD or as a free download with the system at launch.

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Please be true! Geometry Wars 2 Pacifism mode is one of my all-time favorites.

RIP Bizarre

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If there were a new Geometry Wars, I could see it come out for both XBox One and PS4, as well as Steam.

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No Bizarre no buy

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I would still buy the game. When you compare GW to any other twin stick shooter, GW had a simplicity that enabled an almost zen-like state in me. Every other twin stick shooter I have tried since either, gets the controls / balance wrong, or tries to add to much to to the game by integrating a levelling up mechanic, a story that I don't care about, or being a mission / level based game. I enjoyed the fact that I could load up GW, play a game for 5-10 minutes, then be done with it.

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I'd love to see a new Geometry Wars on either of the new consoles.

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Awwwww hell yeahhhhhhhh