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looking for RS fans!

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Bwahaha, I used to play Runescape when I was in middle school, I had to go to a library after school to wait for my parents to get off of work so I would just log in and play it. Good memories.

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My username is Spearminte, add me. I play bad games because I'm cool.

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I used to play it when I was a kid. I actually checked back in a few years ago and it's still pretty cool if you're into that. I think I heard they recently overhauled the combat system and it's kinda like other MMOs now, with keybinds and cooldowns.

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@candy1989 said:

looking for RS fans!

Oxymoron. Good one.

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Fuck, it's so good. I just recently (less than a month ago) came back. The new combat system is much better for the most part, though some things they changed are kinda meh. I've spent so much time playing it the last few weeks. It's like the ultimate loot/leveling-driven RPG to me.

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Was really into it when I was in Elementary and Middle School, but I've just stopped playing. But I can't said I didn't have fun and I had some amazing memories from playing.

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Middle school and early high school I played, then quit for the most part when they released the big 'rs2' update. It was a bad game, but not awful for the time.

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What is this?

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The enduring popularity of Runescape never ceases to amaze me. It will probably be around forever, huh.

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I really wish I could continue to like Runescape, as I certainly have fond memories for the place, but for me that place has become so much less enjoyable in recent years. The endless focus on further monetization of Runescape without anything approaching the focus on expanding the game itself in recent years really depresses me, and I'm not fond of the me-too-ization of the combat system to make it even more samey. Runescape was always it's own thing, and I could at least respect that, but it seems that doesn't even apply anymore.  
If there was less focus on cramming more ads and pretty graphics on the homepage, and more focus on actually expanding the lands and mechanics of the game, I might play it. But instead it's all about the double exp weekends and video ads, and not about continuing to build the game itself. The turning away from the meat and potatoes approach the game used to have turned me off of it entirely and I moved on. Endless monetization inevitably cannibalizes everything that was once good.

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When you start a thread please try to make sure you're not duplicating one that already exists and that you're actually making an effort to start a discussion. The Runescape community thread already essentially does the job of this thread, and does it better than this one does. Thank you.