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@metalgearsunny: HAHAHA! I LOVE IT! Made me laugh but than started to cry. Going to miss him so much.

#6852 Edited by YoctoYotta (541 posts) -

I very clearly remember the first time I saw Ryan on video with his goofy bleached hair and thinking "who's this jerk?"

Before Ryan, my first memories of what became Gamespot was when the site was nothing more than a dark green "coming soon" page at videogames.com. The concept of "internet personality" was pretty much non-existant. And then one day, some dudes on this site that I'd watch postage stamp sized .RMV clips of PS1 and N64 games started making different types of videos about this thing that I loved more than pretty much anything else. Not just recording videos of games, but videos of themselves talking about games or just being dumb for the fun of it. Ryan showed up some time into this experiment but really quickly found his place and start honing what eventually would become his trademark craft.

I'm pretty sure OnTheSpot was the first live show I made sure to "tune in" to on the internet and the Hot Spot was definitely the first videogame-related podcast I listened to every week. Oh how often those podcasts would be late, or a week skipped entirely. I would get so damn mad, it's unbelievable. Media on the internet was a whole different world back then, but Rich and Greg and all these dudes at Giantbomb we all love so much were there early, blazing the wobbly unsure trail that's lead to all this amazing smorgasbord of podcasts and video stuff that we now eat up all day every day.

Ryan was a huge part of all of our experiences in this crazy new world of global online communities and media becoming about real people, not fake personality constructs. And that's why it feels like we've lost a really good friend. Like not someone you just know, but someone you hung out with every day. I've lost three really close friends of mine before the age of 30 completely out of the blue with no chance to say goodbye, and this really weirdly feels like the same emptiness and disappointment in mourning not only the immediate loss, but the loss of what could have been. And I never even met the guy. There could have been another 60 years of Ryan Davis being a part of his family and friends lives, and if we were lucky, ours too. The thought is haunting and never really goes away, but when friends and family (and tens of thousands of strangers on the internet) honor their lost one by celebrating all the happy thoughts and accomplishments they gave us, the sadness does go away and is wholesale replaced with nothing but enduring, funny, fond, wonderful memories.

#6853 Posted by extragingerbrew (117 posts) -

I love you Ryan Davis. I will miss your wit, sense of humor, killer intellect and lust for life. My thoughts and heart go out to your family and new wife. RIP friend.

#6854 Posted by Loghorn (40 posts) -

Man, I can't believe it. It's just all so sudden.

And he had just gotten married, too. :(

My condolences goes out to his family.

#6855 Posted by dolph (2 posts) -

Sad. Will miss him :'(

#6856 Posted by UnoGenius (142 posts) -

I'm devastated. My condolences to his family and the giantbomb crew. RIP Ryan.

#6857 Edited by Beaudacious (916 posts) -

I hadn't been to GB since the 3rd... then this.. I thought it was a joke, but then... God. I really don't know what to say, or think... I might not of always agreed with Ryan, but god dammit no man could resist that bountiful personality. I will never forget Ryan Davis till the day I die, I would of bet GB would crumble before we'd ever loose Davis. This is probably very jumbled, but I'm really having trouble focusing any sensible thought.

#6858 Posted by slot9 (61 posts) -

Guys I'm so sad! Agh!!!

#6859 Posted by tzhu07 (1 posts) -

Awww...one of the best contributors to gaming journalism.

#6860 Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN (1789 posts) -

#6861 Posted by cspiffo (860 posts) -

My heart is breaking right now

#6862 Posted by ViciousAnchovy (690 posts) -
#6863 Posted by ms_papercut (18 posts) -

Woke up this morning, thinking that maybe this was all just some horrible nightmare. I can't imagine how the office is feeling right now. I regret never getting the chance to meet him, despite living so close to the offices. He was such a lovable guy and his laugh always made me smile. It still hasn't fully kicked in that he's actually gone, considering he was one of the liveliest guys I've ever seen.

Also, hearing this news while waiting in line inside Magic Mountain makes roller coasters not so fun.

#6864 Posted by FoxMulder (1568 posts) -

GB will never be the same, but I know they'll be strong enough to make it through the rough. My thoughts are with you all, especially Jeff who lost a life long friend.

#6865 Edited by johnnyryall2 (2 posts) -

Hey guys,

Like I said in another thread, I don't really post here. But I knew Ryan from back in the day, before he became famous. I can assure you, he wouldn't want to see everyone down. He had a rough and tough exterior to him, but once you got to know him he was a stand up guy. You didn't always agree with him, but definitely wasn't a yes man.

Since I knew Ryan first and foremost as a friend prior to his adventures at Gamespot or Giant Bomb, I would like to take a moment to share a funny story with you about our late friend.

Back in the late 90's (somewhere between 1997-1999, I dunno), Ryan went out to a party with our mutual friend Dan. He proceed get hammered and have a good time. He ended up crashing on Dan's floor for the night.

The next day, Dan wakes up and finds Ryan on his floor, passed out. He was lying on his back with his mouth open. Dan tries to awaken Ryan, but he's not having it. Keeps on sleeping (probably sleeping off a hangover, most of us were back then during some point).

Dan decided enough was enough, Ryan needed to wake up. You have to understand, our friends in this click were known to do some semi f'ed up things to eachother on occasion. So Dan goes to the fridge, finds a jar of wasabi. He scoops up a spoonful and walks over to where Ryan is passed out. He proceeds to put the wasabi into Ryan's mouth.

About 5-10 seconds later, Ryan RISES UP from the wasabi. He woke up FAST (like a nascar). Haha.

Anyway, I am saddened by his loss just as everyone else. But wanted to share one of the good memories I have of him. RIP Ryan, you were a friend and I'm glad we were able to hang out when we did.

#6866 Edited by frozensquozen (17 posts) -

What sad, shocking news. My thoughts go out to Ryan's family and friends.

#6867 Edited by schematic (23 posts) -

I am not sure what to say... The first I heard of this was the bombcast. It first felt like some sort of distasteful joke, it still hasn't fully sunk in.

I have been an avid reader, watcher and listening for many years. Ryan was obviously such an important part in making this site great. I will miss his presence for many years to come. My thoughts go to his family.

RIP Ryan.

#6868 Posted by Strathy (17 posts) -

I feel the need to pour one out over here.

Ryan was just a gigantic star-like ball of radient... something.

It may not have allways been happiness but damn it if that man didn't perpetually radiate everything he did. Now that sun has gone out and I'm having trouble imagining my computer screen ever being as bright again. Here's to Ryan, here's to the crew, and here's to Giant bomb.

#6871 Posted by T74123C (5 posts) -

Though I never knew him in person, I will miss the humor and humanity he brought to everything he did. My condolences to his family and everyone at GB.

#6872 Posted by Generic_username (478 posts) -

Ryan.. R.I.P...

#6873 Edited by cosi83 (390 posts) -

Shocked. Just found out on the bombcast. Rip Ryan

#6874 Posted by MDub (30 posts) -

Holy shit, what? So, so, sorry. I've been reading/watching Ryan's reviews since the late 90s and his TANG and WUTANG series for GB were brilliant. What a loss.

#6875 Posted by BittenHand19 (13 posts) -

I posted my feelings of shock earlier and now I have a bit more to say. I was on the phone with a friend this afternoon shortly after I had heard the news. I'm actually a year and 4 months away from my wedding and his father is going to be doing the flowers so we were talking about wedding stuff. He then asked me why I sounded so down. I told him how I thought it was a little silly but told him about Ryan's passing and who he was (my friend is not a gamer and does not know the site). Well he said "Well yeah it is a little silly you didn't actually know him" and it hit me.

We knew him through the podcast because he was honest and truthful to who he was.

I'd like to think I can smell bullshit for miles. When I meet someone I know how full of themselves they are or how full of shit they are. Now I never met Ryan but there's a reason the Giantbomb cast is the only podcast I really listen to every week with out fail. All of these guys just don't bull shit, well they do bullshit, but they're never trying to put something out there that they don't themselves believe in. This is not to say other podcasts are bull shit but it makes sense we all feel saddened by this because when we heard him say "It's Tuesday!" every week it was same feeling you get when an old friend comes over for a beer. Or when you were a kid and you got up on Saturday morning to see your favorite cartoon.

I haven't had a chance to listen to this weeks podcast because my app didn't refresh until late Tuesday night. I love this site and I love that podcast and I hope you guys continue. Because I think we all knew Ryan Davis at least in one way, that he was lover full of happiness and wanted to make sure everyone else had that too.

At least for a few hours a week.

#6876 Edited by ManiacMaysin (360 posts) -

Thanks Ryan. For the laughter, for everything.

#6877 Posted by Kiri90 (251 posts) -

@devise22 said:

It's a joke. This has to be a joke. Right? If this isn't a joke then god damnit......

My thoughts exactly. The timing of his wedding, honey moon, random tweeting by the GB crew are really making me think this is a joke--a sick one. The fact that it has traveled so far through the Internet is really throwing me off. "He's married...Ryan Davis is dead" joke.

I expect Ryan to be back soon as I think this is a joke. If not, FUCK!

#6878 Posted by CashBailey (775 posts) -

What else can I say, I'm stunned and saddened by this.

I'm gonna pour one out for Ryan this weekend.

#6879 Posted by nabspanji (1 posts) -

In deep shock,

Just got Back from Holiday to this great shock.

RIP Ryan Davis, the podcast's will never be the same again.

from Deepest Darkest Africa.

#6880 Posted by neamatoad (9 posts) -

I don't post here on the forums very often (or ever, really) but I can't just lurk this time

we'll miss you Ryan

#6881 Posted by DeadManRollin (69 posts) -

A sad day for gaming journalism. Rest in peace.

#6882 Edited by Chucklestyle (34 posts) -

I was in the middle of a hospital stay while Ryan and Patrick were hammering out the Chrono Trigger endurance run. I looked forward to every installment, as they helped me forget about my bullshit for just a little while each day. Their voices and humor helped carry me through a difficult time. I wish I could do the same for the guys at GB as they had done for me.

The world has lost a great man.

#6883 Edited by VivianDarkbloom (8 posts) -

Just wanna say thanks to the crew for doing the Bombcast tribute, it must have been hard as hell. It was a great tribute. Thinking of you guys.

We'll miss you Ryan.

#6884 Edited by 1MolbyMogare (1 posts) -

You know Ryan was an innovator, and activist for the gaming and the entertainment medium. He will be missed for what he left behind is a legacy of greatness and the people that come after him will be better for what he has accomplished. RIP Ryan, Just know that you will be missed and that others will carry your legacy.

#6885 Posted by zaxxoid (5 posts) -

I would just like to say to everyone on the Bomb Squad: you gave Ryan the perfect send off, that podcast was absolutely touching. I kind of hope that one day, far from now and in a more lighthearted mood, we can hear more about the early days and many memories you shared with Ryan. I myself will always remember him, and thought it will always be in an obviously less personal way: he was a man who made himself known.

God bless and much love.

#6886 Posted by triple07 (1193 posts) -

RIP Ryan, you will truly be missed.

#6887 Posted by RareSpine (24 posts) -

This song sums it up for me.

#6888 Edited by gamefreaak91 (9 posts) -

I usually lurk but I just wanted to say that as I was reading what happened I started tearing up realizing what happened. He will be missed but never forgotten.

RIP Ryan

#6889 Posted by Dnky666 (35 posts) -

I'm in tears having just read the news so I can only imagine how those who personally knew and loved Ryan must be feeling.

So so so sad. My condolences to Ryan's wife, his family and the rest of Giant Bomb.

#6890 Posted by LoganHallfin (47 posts) -

Oh my god, I had to stare at the post for several minutes before my brain would even key in on what my eyes were reading...

I didn't know Ryan personally but I've been watching/listening him doing news or reviews for video games for nearly a decade, every moment of it a treat and pleasure.

I know I'm going miss him very much.

My heart goes out to all of his friends and family.

#6891 Edited by mancopter (68 posts) -

Bye Ryan. Keep on kicking ass up there, you magnificent bastard..

#6892 Edited by TruthTellah (7647 posts) -

Rest in peace, Ryan Davis. You really made life brighter for so many people across the world. Thank you so much for all you did.

The least I could do is make something super dumb to honor you...

#6893 Posted by Corbec (7 posts) -

Thanks Ryan.

#6894 Edited by Barefootwanderer (1 posts) -

Just listened to the Bombcast, and I have to say thank you.

Both to Ryan for being so endlessly entertaining on podcast or panel. Always awesome and always warm and entertaining, sarcastic, raging or grumpy.

Secondly to you guys, that podcast broke the Melancholy I was feeling over this. It was a good fun couple of hours of reminiscing and storytelling :) a fitting send off for a guy who gave so much to entertain us.

I've only been listening to the show for a short time (I think my first was the Duke Nukem Forever episode, with the endless Duke impressions throughout) I laughed so hard my jaw ached for a day afterwards. Ever since then, the Bombcast has been a constant piece of my weekly routine.

I am finding it so odd that I don't find it in any way strange that someone I've never actually met's passing has hit me so hard. I was the same when Spike Milligan (genius British comedy writer) died years ago, and would have been when Douglas Adams died if I'd been reading his books then (I was very very late to the Hitchikers Guide party ... tragically so, story of my life - discovered Bill Hicks 10 years after he'd died.)

So thanks Ryan for all the laughs, you'll be greatly missed sir.

And I hope you guys and his family are holding up ok


#6895 Posted by Jensen_Wong (3 posts) -

I keep coming back to the site hoping they would finally say that this was all some sort of sick joke. *sigh*

I kept thinking that it could possibly be some sort of prank on Ryan since he just had his wedding so he would have probably left for a while to go somewhere for his honeymoon. He could've possibly went to somewhere without internet so the guys at GB would've thought "hey wouldn't it be funny if we made a fake news story about Ryan being dead and then Ryan comes back from his honeymoon with everyone thinking he was dead? That would be hilarious!"

#6896 Posted by davidh219 (156 posts) -

This has hit me harder than anything since my mother passed away when I was in the 2nd grade, and I didn't even know Ryan personally. But honestly, I did know him. I know all of you guys. It's a creepy one-way street sort of relationship, but through your videos and podcasts I really feel like I know all of you. It's not like, say, a let's player on youtube, or an actor, etc. I've watched hundreds of hours of you guys talking with each other and just being yourselves, and I feel like I just lost a friend.

#6897 Posted by Hufer (2 posts) -

It's sad to know such a great human being has passed. You will be greatly missed Mr. Davis. You will always be in our hearts.

Thank you of all the wonderful times you have given us.

voy con dios (go with god)

#6898 Edited by xenogamer (19 posts) -

RIP Ryan

#6899 Posted by saidaioujou (12 posts) -

The thing about all of this is the fact that I can't explain to people around me why this is sad for me, they can't understand the connection us as a community had with Ryan all of these years, it became more than just him as an entertainment figure. In saying that, I'm glad that I can take solace in the fact that this community understands these feelings and I not only thank Ryan, but this community as well. Cheers guys.

#6900 Posted by peritus (904 posts) -