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I'm not sure what to say, other than to offer my condolences to his family and friends.

Man, losing people who aren't of old age yet continues to feel surreal. Try to focus on the good (and bad!) times that have been, rather than what has been missed out on.

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RIP Ryan. This site will live on because of you!

#7103 Posted by fleshribbon (83 posts) -

I'm away from the internet for a few days because of a family emergency and I get a stunner like this. God bless you Ryan, your family, and the Giant Bomb crew.

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I've been following this crew since the days of "on the spot" back in gamespot and found their way of video game journalism incredibly funny and helpful, and after so many years of tuning up whit these guys every day like for the past 6-7 years, i kinda feel they've become sorta like friends that i've never meet.

It sounds weird to say this about someone i've never meet, but, it felt horrible to know about the passing of Ryan, even to the point of almost crying, my condolences to his wife, friends, and family.

Much love from mexico. Descansa en paz Ryan

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Rest in peace, my fellow gamer.

#7106 Posted by Jevonsp (18 posts) -

@fei: goddamn man that is exactly how it is.

#7107 Posted by bluefish (417 posts) -

We've all lost someone really great and more people know will miss him than he would know.

My love goes out to the GiantBomb crew, we love you guys too.

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Fuck, man. Just... fuck.

Condolences to Ryan's wife, the GB crew and all his friends.

It feels weird since I never met the man, but I'll really miss Ryan. Thanks for everything, duder.

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It's been hard to find the word to express my feelings. But to find out someone you've never met but have spent countless hours with is no longer with us is just...

You will be Missed Ryan Davis. I send my condolences to your family and the rest of the Bomb Crew.

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I do not want to be an ass but do we know how he died?

#7112 Posted by se1zur3 (10 posts) -

I first heard about this on the podcast. I couldn't believe it. Complete shock. I thought maybe they were saying he was dead referring to being a married man now. I kept listening to the podcast and got about halfway through it. I was waiting for the punchline and it wasn't coming. I figured well, maybe its on the site.

I get here and its still the same sadness and disbelief. I keep checking back, waiting for the cruel joke to be over. But its not. This is truly bringing tears to my eyes while writing this. He died so young, was just married, and Giant Bomb was continuing to grow and change.

I am relatively new to the site. Been listening for about a year and recently made the plunge for the year premium sub. This makes me regret even more the fact that it took me so long to find you guys.

RIP Ryan Davis, you will be sorely missed.

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Vale Ryan Davis.

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I've been trying for two nights to think of something worthy, and nothing seems good enough. Ryan, you entertained me for years and I am a better, sillier person for it.

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I'm going to miss him.

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My deepest condolences.

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I listened to the Ryan Davis memorial podcast and it was excellent.

As a gamer and listener I would like to share my viewing experience of Ryan Davis. I started watching GameSpot "On the spot" at some point. I remember I thought the show was really cool because of Rich Gallup being the "cool guy", Jeff Gertsmann being the "he knows" gaming guy and Greg Kasavin being the RPG guy. Ryan Davis was, for me at that time, just a background guy and I actually thought he seemed a bit uncomfortable at times.

The show was great for a while..., then Greg went, Rich went and at the end the "scandal" with Jeff happened. This is actually the point I really noticed Ryan Davis because I still remember hes nervous face on the first "On the spot" after Jeff left. I just thought to myself. "That guy is NOT happy... and right now that place is a shitty place to work".

The reason I point this out is because I didnt know Ryan and Jeff were such good friends and it was a surprise to me that he was going to join him on GiantBomb. On GiantBomb I think Ryan Davis blossomed. He just seemed way more relaxed, entertaining and confident. I didnt just go to the site for stuff Jeff said anymore, but for Ryan and crew as well. The podcast became ace under Ryan hosting abilities, but I also think he topped it of by indirectly "mentoring"/being a good wingman for a few of the others as well. Ryans flavor cant be replaced, but I think the Giantbomb crew now has a bigger assortment of other interesting flavors to keep the site and podcast entertaining in the future because of hes influence.

Regressing a bit I personally think GiantBomb was the best thing that ever happened to Ryan Davis, professionally at least. Compared to my first impression of him from back in the day to today I would just like to say as a viewer that:

At Giantbomb Ryan Davis seemed happy!

Rest in peace, dude :)

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I was probably one of the first few to read this post (I remember there being less than 10 comments on it then), but I couldn't bring myself to comment, it was just too unreal and I needed to find out more.

Eventually, I wrote something to help me process this. We'll miss you, Ryan.


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What the fuck? Oh god... Rest in peace Ryan Davis!

#7123 Posted by poorfargoth (16 posts) -

I never dreamed that someone I have never met could affect me as much as Ryan Davis did. All of you guys really. Giant Bomb is so much more than video games, you are our friends and we love you. Rest in peace Ryan, I am so glad I got a chance to laugh at you.

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I read this Monday. I was in too much shock to post. Having processed it and listened to the amazing podcast where the crew reminisce.

I still really don't have much to say. Last Wednesday was a terrible day to be a gamer and in the gaming industry in general. Although a lot of never knew Ryan personally I think everyone of us feel we did. For years we have listened about his life.

All I really have to say is Rest in Peace dude. My thoughts go out to Ryan's family, friends, the giant bomb guys and all of you other fans.

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@rkofan87 said:

I do not want to be an ass but do we know how he died?

My guess would be a massive heart attack or stroke. As wonderful as Ryan was he was very overweight.

But apparently he died in his sleep so whatever it was he didn't suffer. So there's that.

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Hopefully they have plenty of Lobstah Monstah's in heaven

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Its taken me days before I felt I could write something on here. My thoughts go out to his family and the GB crew. His loss is soul crushing. I am really going to miss his voice saying "hey everyone, its Tuesday" this is the first time a none family death has affected me at all. Normally I just shrug it off which shows just what an amazing guy Ryan was. I wish I could have met him in person just once just so I could have let him know how much I appreciated the work he put into the site and everything he did. Part of me is dreading when the podcast comes back because its always going to feel like something is missing from now on.

RIP Ryan you will be truly am missed.

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I would have never thought I would be so absolutely shattered by the passing of a person that I've never met.

The more I thought about it, the more I started to realize why that was.

Ryan, and indeed the rest of the Giantbomb crew, have invited us into their lives. We are friends whether they know/interact with us or not. By being so open, honest, and frank they allow us to feel like we are their close friends. The microphones and cameras just become surrogates for actually being there.

While I enjoy the video game content, I've become more enthralled with their personal adventures. Over the last few years I've experienced their lives along with them. I've listened to them more than some of my closest friends. They were there to keep me entertained on a long drive, or help me get through endless nights of work. I always keep a few favourite cuts around to listen to if I need a laugh.

I've never met or even talked to them, but the Giantbomb crew are my friends. The loss of Ryan is the loss of a friend. The amount of joy Ryan exported into the world will not be easily replaced.

Ryan, I'll miss you.

To the rest of the Crew: Keep on keepin' on. We are here with you.

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RIP Ryan! You were an amazing person and you always made me laugh so much my stomach hurt in every video and podcast you attended in. The world just became a less bright place without you.

#7130 Posted by rkofan87 (122 posts) -

@rkofan87 said:

I do not want to be an ass but do we know how he died?

My guess would be a massive heart attack or stroke. As wonderful as Ryan was he was very overweight.

But apparently he died in his sleep so whatever it was he didn't suffer. So there's that.

thanks and rip rd you kicked ass

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Damn, I need to stop listening to these fools...Jeff, you can't die.

Yes, the seas will be rough, but hey that's, that. Find the Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, blah blah. You are now the Captain. Brad you are First Mate.

I will miss the interplay between you two.

Seriously though, get that Fountain of Youth thing going on - I hear the water's good. It's ionized, filtered, range-free, and all that shit. Man, the list goes on and on. I just wanna a taste!

Anyway, another one. Johnnie, Blue Label. One cube for the hommie.


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I remember lying in my bed watching On the Spot with my newborn son. I remember watching your live E3 stuff at Gamespot while writing the guest list to my wedding. I remember immediately leaving Gamespot when Jeff left, and signing up to GiantBomb as soon as it launched. I remember watching quicklooks while going through my divorce.

I cannot even imagine how many times I`ve referred to or quoted something you`ve said in conversations I`ve had. Or how many times all of you have made me laugh out loud.

I`ve been reading, watching and listening to you guys my entire adult life. My son is now 8 and watches quicklooks on his ipad in his own bed.

Thank you all.

Thank you Ryan.

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Only just heard about this today. I am utterly shocked and I Cannot express how badly i feel for all of you guys at giantbomb and Ryans wife. The giantbombcast has been a weekly fixture in my life since day one when it was just Jeff and Ryan talking over skype.

R.I.P mate.

#7134 Posted by josher14 (30 posts) -

i'll be praying for his family/friends and the whole crew here...

#7135 Posted by armedpatriots (22 posts) -

In tears after Bombcast! Loved that voice every week. What a great guy. Live on GB, sorry for your and our loss!

#7136 Edited by FistsUp (3 posts) -

RIP Ryan. You made me post on the forums. For that you should be proud.

#7137 Edited by NotTheBees (26 posts) -

Cannot believe this. Ryan seemed like the life and soul of the team. This is an absolute tragedy, a great man taken way before his time. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone at Giant Bomb and Ryan's family, especially his wife Anna.

Rest in peace Ryan.

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This is really sad, he just got married and he was looking so happy. RIP

#7139 Posted by Wannabe_Hipster (55 posts) -

Thank you Ryan, rest in piece.

#7141 Edited by oknofi (7 posts) -

Still having trouble believing this.

Ryan, you had amazing heart and will be missed greatly.


#7142 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1502 posts) -

It's not getting any easier :(

#7143 Edited by Fealiks (32 posts) -

We love you

#7144 Posted by Nario (92 posts) -

I've been following Ryan Davis and everyone else since Gamespot. I didn't know Ryan personally, but hearing about his death was a total shock to me. He will truly be missed. Rest In Peace, Ryan Davis.

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i think he was the best,funniest gaming guy on any game web site on the internet.

i loved to watch all the quick look videos of games, it always left me smiling.

i cant believe he is gone. come back!!!! to us!! man.!

#7146 Posted by mordecaix7 (657 posts) -

So sad and too young. Ryan will be missed and I wish his family all the best.

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When I read the story, I thought it was a joke... as in being married = death of the Ryan we knew. I thought the joke was a bit macabre and maybe I just couldn't believe it.

Then I listened to the podcast, and kept seeing more and more comments. Finally it sunk in. This morning, I realized that Ryan had indeed passed.

As someone who has followed Ryan from the GameSpot era, its crazy to think of him passing. And the thing about Podcasts and Quicklooks, etc, is that it always felt that Ryan was having a conversation with me causing us all to also feel like like we lost a long-time friend.

All my condolences and best wishes go out to his family and friends.

It will not be the same without you.

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I have been a premium member since that became a thing, and never felt the need to post anything before, but I, like everyone else, feel Ryan deserves as much of an outpouring of love as the community can muster. I remember while my wife was in grad school watching Giant Bomb videos in bed on my iPhone while she was asleep. I remember driving from Saint Louis to Chicago every week for a year, the Bombcast keeping me awake along the trip. All of the crew entertained, but Ryan was the one who always filled me with a profound sense of joy about life. As they talked about his love of comedy during the Bombcast this week, I couldn't help but think of Ryan meeting up with Andy Kaufmann at the pearly gates and talking about how goddamn hilarious it would be if they were both just faking it. Rest in peace big man, Tuesdays will never be the same.

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As any human would..I do wonder how he passed..

What's a bit confusing about not being given details is...it really doesn't make much sense unless the cause-of-death would, in some way, negatively reflect on Ryan. Otherwise, why keep it secret?

I mean to die at such a young age had to involve some health-issue, drug use, or crime. If he did die in his sleep like someone said was it sleep apnea due to overweight? was it a heart-attack or stroke? did he OD on pain-killers and/or alcohol..etc.

honestly just rambling and kinda throwing those out there for myself.....I mean of course anyone affected by this would be curious to the cause...and while I personally wouldn't pass any judgement on Ryan if it was something negative...like drugs or something...it just seems odd to keep the cause-of-death so hush-hush...I mean even if it was a heart-attack/stroke...why would that be kept secret?

Still would be kind of nice to know HOW it happened...though I guess maybe we'll learn when they're ready to say.

#7150 Posted by Subjugation (4714 posts) -

I don't know when this is going to sink in for me. It's already been several days and it still doesn't feel real to me. I'm not trying to be over dramatic, but I'm still just in shock by how this came out of nowhere. I've spent the last few days waking up and saying to myself, "Ryan is dead. I can't believe it." And I can't believe it.

I hope we as the Giant Bomb community can do whatever small amount possible for his poor widowed wife. To pass away while on your honeymoon, there aren't even proper words to describe how awful that is.