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@mscott7426 said:

I would have never thought I would be so absolutely shattered by the passing of a person that I've never met.

The more I thought about it, the more I started to realize why that was.

Ryan, and indeed the rest of the Giantbomb crew, have invited us into their lives. We are friends whether they know/interact with us or not. By being so open, honest, and frank they allow us to feel like we are their close friends. The microphones and cameras just become surrogates for actually being there.

While I enjoy the video game content, I've become more enthralled with their personal adventures. Over the last few years I've experienced their lives along with them. I've listened to them more than some of my closest friends. They were there to keep me entertained on a long drive, or help me get through endless nights of work. I always keep a few favourite cuts around to listen to if I need a laugh.

I've never met or even talked to them, but the Giantbomb crew are my friends. The loss of Ryan is the loss of a friend. The amount of joy Ryan exported into the world will not be easily replaced.

Ryan, I'll miss you.

To the rest of the Crew: Keep on keepin' on. We are here with you.

I've also been somewhat surprised by the affect this has had on me. I've followed the Giant Bomb crew since the GameSpot days and have always looked forward to the next podcast to hear what they've been up to. The post above is exactly what I wanted to say, nice one mscott7426. It actually made me realize just why I've been a bit blank for the past few days. I'd really like to know how he died as it's a part of the grieving process and just hearing that he died isn't enough for me to make sense of it all. I absolutely respect that if Giant Bomb don't want to release the details then fair enough but there are people out here who would like to hear the details at some point so that we can begin to come to grips with this. It is just so sudden. My heart goes out to Anna, I can't imagine what she's going through right now and to the rest of the Giant Bomb crew who have become like a bunch of friends I tune into to see what they're up to. Ryan, I'll really miss you and if they're is a bar in heaven, knock God's glasses over the bar and say "too soon Duder!".

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It's been a week now since Ryan Davis left us.

Like most of you here, I have listened, watched and read a lot of his reviews and articles since the Gamespot days. He had an influence in a lot of people including me. It's the shoes, yes the shoes. Before i thought the NB shoes was just crap and doesnt have a very good style but when I heard that Ryan love to collect NBs specially the 574s, I tried it and loved it. You're thinkin - those are just shoes that is so lame. That's what great about Ryan, he is so charismatic, he can make you like what you didn't want before. I even bought 3 bird feeders for my backyard because of his stories in the podcast about Humming birds and I fuckin loved it. Its like waking up in a forest in the middle of Los Angeles.

Thank you Ryan!

Condolences to Ryan's Family and friends.

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@norusdog: Ryan's father confirmed it was natural causes. I imagine it was a complication brought on by his sleep apnoea and agitated by days of partying / the heatwave / taking strong prescription medication, as confirmed by his Twitter. It also can't have helped that he was dangerously overweight, drank a lot of alcohol and smoked a lot of cigarettes.

I wonder if Ryan was trying to curb his bad lifestyle choices near the end. I know he had a mask for sleeping. It has made me re-evaluate a little my own health, as experiencing and seeing the effects of someone's death to their close friends and family... I think this is one of the few good things you can take from this tragedy. Take good care of yourself for the sake of everyone around you.

Still in here and reading comments.

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I am so sad by this news. I am exactly 10 years old then Ryan and have listen to him for years. Words can't describe how sad I am for his family and friends. He was such a great guys and so talented in his work. I hope you are still playing game in heaven Ryan :). You will be missed my friend...

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Though I've been a fan of the site and podcast since (almost) the beginning, I've never posted a comment but I feel I need to now. I am so saddened by this. My sincere condolences. We as a community feel like we know you all. Ryan, you are very missed.

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As much as I feel like shit about his passing, I can't imagine how his actual friends and family feel. I only found out about Giant Bomb roughly three years ago, and the first video I saw by them was Kinect Motion Sports, well anyways I'm going to miss the guy, despite never seeing him.

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I can't believe how much his passing affected me. Never met the guy personally, but I haven't had a single good night of sleep since- I can't not think about his passing and how bad I feel for his friends & family. Last night, I had a vivid dream that I was present on the set of a TV movie about his life.

If only all of us could be as lovable as he was. Gonna miss him forever.

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Ryan was the same age as me. Shocking shocking loss...

#7161 Posted by mostman (248 posts) -

@jaroleman: Same as me. He was a month older than me. Also - he passed away on my birthday.

#7162 Posted by Beaker (94 posts) -

I keep thinking Ryan will appear on the next live stream, but when I remind myself that he won't, I tear up a bit.

I never had the privilege of meeting him, but the man was clearly an amazing human being.

Ryan, you will be missed.

#7163 Posted by Xanadu (255 posts) -

@mostman: My birthday is July 3rd as well mate :(

#7164 Posted by gunflame88 (1 posts) -

Jesus, registered just to express my deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP Ryan.

#7165 Posted by Division_Jay (6 posts) -

Rest in peace Ryan. My condolences go out to his wife, family and friends.

#7166 Posted by skronk (16 posts) -

Just read this now. Awfull news. You will be missed good sir.

#7167 Posted by theswoosh (162 posts) -

Watching Torque for the first time out of respect.

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Such a sad deal. RIP Ryan. Condolences to his family and friends. You will be missed sir!

#7169 Posted by doive (4 posts) -

I fucking miss you man

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Ryan Davis has been a constant fixture in my consumption of video game related material since back in the On The Spot days. Always entertaining. You will be missed.

Life can be a real jerk sometimes.

My condolences to friends and family.

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Ryan has provided me with entertainment on almost a daily basis for years, which has truly made my life better. I've spent more time on Giantbomb than watching TV, movies, and sometimes playing games. I feel like I've lost a good friend, and I cannot fathom how his family and friends feel; my condolences. Rest in peace big guy, because you have definitely made an impact in this world.

#7172 Posted by Cypherix (74 posts) -

I still just cant believe it...I miss you, Ryan :(

#7173 Posted by welshguy (40 posts) -

Deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Never had the privilege of meeting the man but his wit and passion reached through his work and made it special. I recall the Space Marine quick view where he (hoping to God it was Ryan Davies thinking about it) shouted "Its British as shit, I love it!" which made me laugh like hell. Then there was the quick look for a Halloween dlc for a train simulator which was quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen and heard.

If I had the time and ability I'd make a video of Ryan Davies with Stan Bush's classic You got the Touch playing. Yes, he was that good.

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Before the internet, and before Jeff and Ryan and Giant Bomb I don't feel like it was possible to get to know and care about a critic/journalist this closely.

I'm trying to think of a parallel and the only thing I can think of is Siskel & Ebert. Even that analogy falls apart though when I realize that I never got to hear Gene Siskel or Roger Ebert sit around and joke with their friends for hundreds of hours. I never knew what kind of sneakers Ebert preferred or how Siskel liked his sandwiches. I never watched either of them open their mail. I didn't have a hollow feeling in my chest three days after Gene passed away.

There is a level of intimacy that fans of the site have with the Giant Bomb crew that is unprecedented and unique. I will probably never meet any of the GB crew but I consider each and every one of you my friends even though I am frightened of Drew. He terrifies me. Did you know he ate a dog? His eyes. His eyes crave my human blood.

#7175 Posted by onetwentyse7en (14 posts) -

Absolutely terrible. I didn't think I could be hurt like this by the death of someone I did not know personally, but after listening to Ryan's wit for years, it truly feels as if I've lost a friend. My condolences to his widow, family, friends, and the rest of the giant bomb crew.

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He will be sorely missed by family, friends and fans around the world.

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Man this is hard to accept, I still can't believe it.

It's a huge loss, bombcast is the only regular broadcast I've followed for a while now, through Ryan I processed a lot about the world, I listened to him more than anyone else beyond who I know in my own life, I'm just realizing that now, and that must apply to a lot of people.

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RIP Ryan, gonna miss you everytime I watch a live show

#7179 Posted by TrevorH (28 posts) -

... I miss you already, Ryan. :(

#7180 Posted by gamera3 (3 posts) -

The thing about GiantBomb is you feel like these guys are your friends. My son and I are both overwhelmed by this. We are huge fans. I Can't imagine how Jeff, Vinny, Brad & Patrick feel. The podcast was amazing.


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@doive said:

I fucking miss you man

I plan to keep coming back to this post and the bombcast about him for a long time. I posted on his twitter a few times this week, it's dumb, but it seems to help.

#7182 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2375 posts) -

I've been thinking over what to say for this, as Ryan truly embodied the collective spirit that Giantbomb shares. I guess my statement is that he will be missed, as everyone else has said. And having known him some, he'd want to be best remembered for things like having the damn creepiest twitter photos and for adding the card fleshy naturals to Cards Against Humanity.

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Only just heard, so tragic.

Condolences to his wife and the entire Giant Bomb crew

RIP Ryan, will be pouring one out for you son.


#7184 Posted by SnowyPliskin (99 posts) -

Still cant believe he is gone.

#7185 Posted by German_Luker (1 posts) -

Found out about it today. I was at work & wanted to listen to the latest podcasts i didn´t have a chance to listen to before. So i started with the "Gamers With Jobs" podcast & after that opener on their latest episode i had to put my ipod away. An hour or so later i started the latest bombcast. It helped listening to his friends & colleagues, but as stupid as it may sound to some, i´m honestly still a bit in shock.So i just registered to express my deepest condolences to his family, friends & colleagues.

RIP Ryan

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I wasn't able to log into my account until now. Ryan was a good man. With all of this crazy internet uproar, it's clear that he will definitely be missed. My prayers are with him and his family.

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How is it possible that someone I have never met could cause me to feel so terrible at their passing? The power of Ryan Davis.

#7188 Posted by BaggerTweed (1 posts) -

Like most of you out there I feel I have lost a very close friend which is also very weird considering I never met the man and I leave on the far side of the atlantic Ocean. I have read these forums for the past few days and needed to write this...

I hit 40 this year and have listened to the Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad and Alex for well over a decade... and welcomed Dave, Patrick, Drew and Rorie in as the Giant Bomb Team grew and matured. To see Vinny become a dad!!! and laughed at Ryan asking those how has your life changed Vinny questions... which are some of my favorite Ryan moments on the podcasts.

You guys helped me through some dark times over the years, a constant I could depend on, just Tuesdays never seemed to come soon enough... and yes there are some of us who marathon the E3 podcasts and end of year gaming debates which really helped Santa Claus on those long how does this go together Christmas Eves. I know Jeff we will never know the real you as you mentioned once in a podcast but as you can see from this amazing community we know enough to know what an amazing bond you all have and I feel privileged to have listened and watched Ryan and yourselves over the years. Keep strong gentlemen we are hear for you If you need us....

Rest In Peace Ryan... I will miss you

#7189 Posted by AdamtheAtheist (2 posts) -

Can't say anything that hasn't already been said perfectly. Just wanted to thank everyone who posted their thoughts and feelings on this thread. Helps you feel less crazy for having a huge hole in your life over someone you've never met. It`s been hard to describe to people who have no parallel in their lives and it`s been helpful to come on here and see so many people feeling the same way.

I still can`t believe it.

#7190 Posted by siavashh (50 posts) -

You know what guys?

It's like we are all a family who have never met each other and we are all missing our most important member of the family, Ryan.

It's amazing to be part of this family. I'm sure Ryan is happy how well we are remembering him.

We miss you Ryan.

#7191 Posted by PulledaBrad (612 posts) -

@norusdog: I believe his dad mentioned it was apnea related

#7192 Edited by Nintendude (283 posts) -

Can't believe he's gone. Rest in peace. He made a huge impact on everyone here. Laughed much and sounded so happy that it's incredible.

He must have been the editor I liked the most on videos and podcasts. Need to go listen to his podcasts as an omage. I always keep pushing listening a new episode but gonna start listening backwards too from this point on.

#7193 Posted by siavashh (50 posts) -

Can't say anything that hasn't already been said perfectly. Just wanted to thank everyone who posted their thoughts and feelings on this thread. Helps you feel less crazy for having a huge hole in your life over someone you've never met. It`s been hard to describe to people who have no parallel in their lives and it`s been helpful to come on here and see so many people feeling the same way.

I still can`t believe it.

That's exactly how I feel. I mean First, I thought man no one would understand how I feel about Ryan and now I see that there are a lot of other people whom I've never met and feel the same way.

as John Drake said...All of this just makes you wanna hug the internet !

#7194 Posted by leebmx (2198 posts) -

Just been on holiday for a week with no internet and have come back to this awful, awful news.

The internet has always struck me as a strange place because you can get so close to people without knowing them personally; something the beauty, greatness and crazed stupidity of this site has been built around.

So on the one hand I feel strange for being so upset at the passing of someone I have never met, but also full of love for someone who bought me so much laughter, insight, joy, wisdom and wonderful, wonderful stupidity.

But this isn't about me - my heart goes out to Ryan's family, his friends and his new wife. I can't imagine what they are feeling at the moment and while they may not ever read this message I want to express my love and support for them. I hope they realise how much love and admiration this huge force of laughter, fun and biting wit inspired.

It wasn't just that Ryan was some funny guy I knew through the internet who made amusing videos about pop culture. He seemed to be someone who understood how important it was to be genuine at all times and to not compromise your personality or put up with bullshit. The reason Giant Bomb is my home on the internet is because of something I felt which Ryan (along with Jeff and Vinny) embodied - the desire to tell it like it is and to follow their interests, rather than bow to suits or focus groups.

Sorry, i'm drunk, upset and rambling.

All I need to say is that I am going to miss you SO much man -you were one of the 5% of people who make the world a beautiful place and it has become that less interesting with your passing. All my condolences to your family.


#7195 Posted by MezzerliptikJay (33 posts) -

I cant believe this, this is terrible news a true legend has been taken from us R.I.P Ryan

#7196 Posted by Indecis10n (7 posts) -
#7197 Posted by XplusY (62 posts) -

God, I need to stop reading these comments. Every time I do, I get sad again, then happy at all the joy RTD brought to so many people, then sad again.

#7198 Posted by andrewtlitalien27 (1 posts) -

so I have no idea how to start this but here it goes.I have been a long time member of the GB community and I cant even begin to imagine what you guys are going through. I didnt know Ryan personally but i knew from watching videos, listening to the bombcast every tuesday and so on he was an amazing guy, that I could instantly relate to and value his opinion in the highest regard. Ryan, you will be missed.

#7199 Posted by McQuinn (651 posts) -

Surprisingly, my favorite Ryan moment was Ron Graphite. Something about a guy all about pencils just killed me.

#7200 Posted by samsaturday (91 posts) -

I just found out about this and can hardly believe it's true. I started reading GameSpot in the late 1990's. Even though I never personally knew Ryan he'd been a constant happy fun wonderful hilarious part in my life for many years. He always seemed like an awesome dude. I loved him.