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Like anyone who knew of Ryan Davis in one way or another, the news of his passing came with great shock and sadness. It was incredible to realize just how much of an impact he really had on my life and everyone's around him. This is not only a profound loss to his family and close friends, but the whole gaming community. I would almost say it's completely devastating, but I know the gaming community is an incredibly passionate and resilient place. Things will never be the same, but we will persevere.

Thanks for all the great memories.

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Everyone mourns in their own way. For me this is the way to go. Comedy is the best remedy for sadness. So while some may find it offensive or distasteful, i think clips like these 2 help in times like these. Thinking how it would have been if this was the cause of his death has kept me happy/slightly amused for at least 10 min. And in times like this laughing, even if its for just 2 minutes can be a great help.

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Humor exist to help us deal with things like this. As long as we don't intentionally mock or disrespect them in the process I think it's a very healthy and healing thing. I loved Dr Steve Brule's segment on death, but never posted it here because I felt some might be offended by it. I didn't want anyone to feel that way. I have the greatest respect for Ryan and will greatly miss him.

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Goddammit. Now all I can think about is the duders keeping Ryans "ashes" and doing accidental horrific things with it, ala the Monty Pythons interview where they kicked over Graham Chapmans urn and dustbustering the "ashes" up.