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Hey guys, I've been digging for 2 days and trying to remember this game Ryan played on a quick look I think. It was a 2 player game where you are a little green ball of Goo, and they had analog control of the eyes. Ryan kept making it look nervous and yelling "Oh God!". Please help me remember what game this was, and where the video is! I'm working on a Ryan tribute video, and really want to include that moment!

Thanks guys!!

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That was a pretty good quick look too. Haven't seen it in forever.

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OMFG thank you!!!! I'll post a link in here as well once I'm done cutting. as well as I'm going to send it to the entire GB team so you should see it somewhere. thank you so much for helping, it was driving me nuts!

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Here's the link to the final video. Hope you guys like it.

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