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So i was strolling around to go to Safeway and i see in the corner of my eye a Mr. Brad Shoemaker himself spitting in the ground with his signicant other by his side. I didn't say anything and it very well could be someone else for that matter. Now the interesting part is that I met Vinny twice in the same Safeway which was awesome in a weird sort of way. Now the point of this topic I guess would be have any of you guys ever seen a Giant Bomb staff in the wild? Where, when, and how did they respond?

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Did you say he was spitting on the ground? That's gross.

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There is a good chance this thread is going to take a turn for the creepy. 
I'm kind of looking forward to it.

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Wild Jeff attacked! 
You throw a Giant Bomball at wild Jeff! 
But really, Safeway is where i go for most of my grocery shopping, whenever i need to do it. 
Also, GB staff don't exist in Australia. My GBballs are empty...
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If only I lived a bit to the south.

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You mean they don't have have their own personal escorts to buy the all the energy drinks and beef jerky they eat?

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I thought that too.....

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Do they sell spittoons at Safeway? maybe Brad was shopping for one.

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I highly doubt that

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What was he wearing?

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On an old podcast Jeff said he orders food from Safeway.com. 
Safeway gets 5 stars on Giant Bomb.

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Brad was wearing the hoodie i always see him wear on the mailbag videos and he also has the same haircut. Typing that felt so wrong.....