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Salute Patrick!

You spoke and I listened.

Now go make some more Patricks :D


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Gonna miss you bro, thanks for the scoops!

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soar to new heights scoops

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Patrick's commitment to gaming outside of his comfort zone was very commendable. I wish it was an attitude that more people covering the industry had.

Of course he can and will continue doing this kind of stuff, it's just that I'll miss hearing about it on such a regular basis.

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Patrick is a known Misandrist. Glad to see him go.

Are...are you being real? Are you being serious? I hope not.

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hoping for scads of spookin', news, steaming interview dumps, mornin show wif alex, and logistics willing the occassional skype appearance on the bombcast. we'll miss you, and we won't (since you'll be just as prominent as ever in your own way!)

also ryan brings the funk, respect.

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I hope they do more Jurassic Lark this week

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@planetary: It's an understandable view to take, given the lack of content that is forthcoming from some of the others. Regardless, all the best to Patrick!

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So who's gonna be the replacement?

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He's done some of my favorite content on the site, he brought variety that the staff needed. It's too bad that he may not be able to get the others to try new stuff from so far away but I bet he will still generate great and interesting stuff.

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@patrickklepek: You should do a special cross over episode when the Gamespot AUS does their House of Horrors stream, though it would kinda defeat the purpose of it being a solitary stream but it'd be nice for a change.

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Just out of curiosity, because I managed to miss it, where was this first mentioned/announced/hinted?

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So long, Patrick. Your perspective on games added a dimension to the Bombcast. I'll be sure to go through all of your Worth Reading articles in the future!

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@tdous said:

Just out of curiosity, because I managed to miss it, where was this first mentioned/announced/hinted?

I believe it was first announced in the Worth Reading for May 17th.

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I love you Kleptock, keep it real in hotdog town.

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Enjoy your whacky car chases and deep dish pizzas in Chicago, Patrick.

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Wasn't a fan, but that son of a bitch won me over.

He's a talented guy, and brought a lot to GB. Definitely going to miss him

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You will be missed Patrick, even though you won't really be gone.

Go break some huge stories for us!

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I barely watch/read anything around here I just come for the forums, but hey, you'll be missed Patrick. Too bad he'll still be able to write sensationalist sexism articles though.

He is very energetic and dedicated, a very good game dude!


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@gkhan: Thanks. Damn, I usually read them religiously... you miss one...

Best of luck, dude!

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Sad to see him go, he will be missed :( It was great to hear him trying out stuff like Monster Hunter on the podcast and his livestreams from home have been my favorite feature to watch this year.

Keep on scoopin' and spookin', Patrick!

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Farewell Patrick!