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Anybody feel like grabbing a drink this weekend? I'm sure the motivation is obvious. I'm up for whatever neighborhood works for people. Inner Richmond, here.

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I'm down.

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Me too, I'm in San Jose but can make it to pretty much anywhere.

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Any preference for day? Any works for me.

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I'm gonna go get a drink here in a half hour over at http://www.thehouseofshields.com/. It's right next to Ryan's workplace.

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Yeah, I know the place. I'm still at work (in Palo Alto), probably won't get back to SF until 7 or 8, so I probably won't be able to swing it, unless you're planning on closing the place down or something.

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I'm actually leaving here and going to get a pair of Ryans fav shoes. But It's the weekend. Let's all us San Fran kiddies meet up tomorrow.

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Alright. I'm taking off for real now in ten mins

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Tomorrow works alright for me.

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I'd be down for drinking around there and maybe spending some time in front of the offices of GB. Shall we at like 5 ish?

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Ill be keeping an eye in this board throughout tomorrow and will try my best to make it as well

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@bluefoxxy said:

I'd be down for drinking around there and maybe spending some time in front of the offices of GB. Shall we at like 5 ish?

Sounds like a plan. Where do you want to meet? I might be there more like 6 than 5.

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I'm headed back up to SF from the peninsula. Did you guys end up meeting somewhere, or are you still up for it?

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I'm still chillin at home. Wanna meet in the marina?

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Sure. I just got home. Name a place and I'll make my way over.

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Wait.... It just hit me that California Extreme is happening.... Shall we all party at the Santa Clara Hyatt??? If not, we can meet at the republic.

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Dang. I'd be into going to California Extreme if I hadn't already spent a few hours driving up and down the peninsula today. Republic is a little more my speed at the moment. I'll head over in a few moments (it'll probably take me ~30 mins to get there). I'll PM you my phone number so we can coordinate, since I won't recognize you on sight (unless you're the person in your avatar picture...).

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Yes thats me. Baby giving a unsure, strange look.

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Everyone meet at the republic tonight!!! DO IT FOR THE LOCALS OF TASWELL

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I'm headed there in a cab at the moment. Look for the Asian guy wearing a bright orange jacket over a slightly less bright orange t-shirt. Yeah, I didn't really think out my wardrobe choices before I left.

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No joke. The owner of this place is a Ryan Davis look-alike. A bizarro taswell, even.

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This' a damn shame, got back from work earlier and figured I'd have a quick sleep before I came out, just woke up. I won't be making it up there tonight but you lads have a good one, I'll be there in spirit. Sorry I missed the owner, that sounds like a laugh.

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Also, dude bought us a round of drinks.

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That's fucking ridiculous! Stoked he was a good sport about it. Hope you guys had a good one.