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I believe every game no matter how shitty has at least one decent quality or feature. So I want people to take games they truly despise and think of at least one good thing about them. 
Here are some examples:
WCW/NWO Thunder for the PS1 - I thought that the game had a pretty good roster and it was a neat feature to be able to easily change the alignment of wrestlers to either NWO, NWO Wolfpack, or WCW.
Brutal Legend - I loved everything except actually playing the game.
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants - Taught me that I should always go with my first choice because if I had I would of used my allowance money to buy Castlevania 3 instead.

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Zelda only comes once a generation. Ooh, er.

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WOW it may be a outdated and extreamly casual mess of a game now but vanilla wow was pretty dope

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@HandsomeDead said:

Zelda only comes once a generation. Ooh, er.

Spot on.

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Dragon Age 2 taught me that Single Player games are a dying breed and that publishers always overrule developers!

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Melee fighting is fun as heck in Oblivion. Uppercutting wolves has the potential to become my favorite pasttime.

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The origami duck that came with Heavy Rain was pretty sweet.

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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow didn't crash.

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Borderlands did have an impressive amount of guns, I guess.

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Fable 3 was funny. 
At times.

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Army of Two was occationaly entertaining when playin co-op... occationaly...

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As a boob man, I liked how all the ladies in the Hawk family in Dragon Age 2 had breasts bigger then their heads. I love genetics.

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Zelda is cute.

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Counter Strike: Source looks good.

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Doesn't this thread exist already?

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  • Stephen Fry was entertaining in Fable 3
  • Guilty Spark was kinda cool.
  • Borderlands had some sick ramps
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you can juggle in your son's room. in your underwear. heavy rain's best part right there.

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Least you can play with people in Final Fantasy 14 online.

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Liberty City in GTA4 is amazingly realized.

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Duke Nukem Forever was in development for almost half my life.

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The Final Fantasy series has good CGI.

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The guy who does Martys voice in BTF: The Game is spot on.

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Mass Effect was in space.

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Lost Odyssey gives you an achievement for each disc you finish. That's pretty cool.

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Crysis 2 has some nice looking explosions.

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Mass Effect has nice graphics.

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Halo sure has fans.

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There were dragons.

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@HandsomeDead said:

Zelda only comes once a generation. Ooh, er.

Sad face.

Dragon Age II avoided ruining Morrigan by not including her at all.

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Conflict: Desert Storm didn't crash for the ten minutes I played it.

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Final Fantasy XIII had a pretty good fighting system for a JRPG

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I got a cool $35 out of Dead Space 2 on eBay.
So I only wasted $25 on it all told.

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Fable 2 made me realize that I will never play a fable game again.
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The Captain Baseball Bat Boy thing in Max Payne was intriguing in a bizarre, oddly scare way.

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Duke Nukem Forever finally came out.

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Fallout 3: Liam Neeson 

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The Dark void soundtrack was good.

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Call of Duty has a lot of cool looking weapons. Even thought I think the gameplay stinks.

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Halo- Angels wear halos.

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Air combos in Final Fantasy XIII was fun.

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Isn't this just a passive way to insult games we don't like and troll fans of beloved game franchises?

Oh well.

  • Final Fantasy VII had pretty cutscenes.
  • Halo's pistol was really cool.
  • Tetris had that neat russian music. Not as cool as Bejeweled, though, but still.

Did I win?

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God of War 3 looked nice. 

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Pro Evolution Soccer 11 is entertaining at times despite it's gameplay

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Comic Jumper includes FMV.

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Call of Duty sells a lot!

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Halo 3 has a good map editor (for a console game).