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Some enemies give me the hibbie jibbies and it's not always because of how they look. I'd say most of the time it has to do with how they sound. Audio plays a HUGE role when it comes to horror I feel, far more than visual ever could. From a haunting soundtrack to dead silence to the sound of your heart beating, the right audio can put you on the edge of your seat.

So today I bring up the subject of the sound of enemies in video games. Which enemies that go bump in the night do you remember?

(and to be clear, I'm talking about regular enemies, not bosses)

Here are a few of my picks:

Regenerators from Resident Evil 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUKGRzzdUgs

I don't really think of Resident Evil 4 as that scary of a game, but damn do these fucking things get me every time. That breathing...

Brutes from Amnesia - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly9Si-cSanU

You didn't see a lot of the brutes until later, but you did hear a lot of them through out the game and it just sent shivers down my spine every time. That moan...howl thing...they do, creepy.

Poison Headcrab Zombie & Poison Headcrabs from Half-life 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcRcCm1BnWU

I fucking hate these things and its not like they are that dangerous, its the moan from the zombie and loud screech from the headcrab, KILL IT WITH FIRE!

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Hunters in the Gamecube Resident Evil.

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Everything about Redeads in Ocarina of Time is horrifying to me. That scream terrified me as a kid.

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Everything about Redeads in Ocarina of Time is horrifying to me. That scream terrified me as a kid.

I'll have to second this. Those things were absolutely horrifying to a child.

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This is either comical or terrifying; I can never really decide:

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I know it's not an enemy, but let me tell you, as a youngster playing the fairly tame and pleasant game black and white with headphones on in the dark as everyone else had gone to bed this fucking noise nearly made me shit my pants

God damn thing comes out of nowhere too.

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Second vote for the regenerators from RE4.

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i can't find a good youtube clip, but the sound that scared me the hardest was probably the "action" sound of the zombies in doom. if you go to this soundboard and click "action" on the top left column, that's the one. it would just be there in the background, stalking you. and granted, i was also 7 at the time, and was used to bleeps and bloops from the NES.

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I had a weird audio bug on a level in System Shock 2 that made all the enemies sound like they're right behind me all the time. Even the ones way over on the other side of the level. I was wearing earphones too. That was pretty scary.

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The fast zombies were way more terrifying to me in Half life 2. Maybe because they were actually more dangerous, plus they scuttle real fast like a spider.

And system shock 2 had really creepy sound!

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Some metallic screeching sound from a Silent Hill game.

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I found the garbled gibberish of the more human necromorphs in Dead Space 3 pretty unsettling.

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the rat noise from daggerfall.

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Skeletons in Daggerfall and the Cyberdemon's "SSHDUNK" walking sound.

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These assholes will forever haunt my memories

@beachthunder: I'd say more on the terrifying side!

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Those raptor things in Dead Space 2. Ugh. Also the insane rambled screaming of a Hobo trying to find you in Condemned. UGH.

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Silent Hill 2 and the part where you are chased by Pyramid Head. System Shock 2 had some pretty scary "hive mind zombies (?)"

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I know technically it's not an enemy, but I will always remember the radio from Silent Hill. When that static popped up and you knew something was there, but you didn't know what or where. You could cut the tension with a knife. Also, the general sound effects in DayZ. I'd be looting a building or something at night, by myself, and I'd hear footsteps and wonder, 'Were those too fast for a zed? Was that a player right behind me?' Then there were the times when you didn't hear the zombie right behind you, and all of a sudden it lets out it's 'I see you' scream and scares the bejesus out of you, although that's more of a jump scare than anything.

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I think the Fast Zombies in HL2 are the most memorable to me. Either that or the zombies in Ocarina.

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sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss BOOM! Fucking Creepers...

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Zombie coming down a hallway in the first RE. My brother had me play the game at nights just to freak me out so that sound still gets to me out of nostalgia

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Sit down.

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Maybe it was just because I was like 14 at the time but the monks in Resident Evil 4 scared the shit out of me. Their chanting and shouting made me hate that part of the game.

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Pyramid head from Silent Hill 2 still scares the crap out of me :(

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@0blivion said:


I agree, sometimes silence is the scariest noise of all

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Doesn't really count, but when I was 10, I played Batman Forever on a friend's Genesis. There was something wrong with the cart, because every time you picked up a riddle, the "Riddle me this, riddle me that..." sound clip would play in unintelligible super slow-mo. It was fucking terrifying.

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Yeah the Regenerators from RE4 was the first thing that came to my mind.

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Definetely,the Regenarators from RE4,also the ambiance from Silent Hill.

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The ambient sounds of the soldiers, imps and demons in Doom still get under my skin whenever I play it .. just hearing them and knowing they're nearby. Actually I'm giving myself the willies, I might have to go home and play some of that tonight.

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I wanna say one of the bosses from R-Type but I don't recall which one.

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Fuck the Midwives, seriously. A close second goes to KILL ME!

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These fucking things......

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@mariachimacabre said:

Everything about Redeads in Ocarina of Time is horrifying to me. That scream terrified me as a kid.

I'll have to second this. Those things were absolutely horrifying to a child.

Agreed. I still remember when you first enter the adult world and have to run past all of the redead in the Castle Town square. That scream and the way it freezes you is really messed up.

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Of the top of my head:

The sound of the Overlord A.I in Mass Effect DLC 'Overlord'.

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Just about anything from System Shock 2. Seriously. Listen to this:


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The Nazis in the original Apple IIe Castle Wolfenstein. They would barge into a room and start yelling in horribly digitalized German and they scared me to death every single time.

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Songbird in Infinite is pretty good the first time you hear the screech.

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Monkeys in System Shock. Everything about them scares the fuck out of me. No idea why.

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Thought the music cues for the left 4 dead special infected were pretty creepy. Especially when you here the Tank theme come out, cause you know you're kinda fucked.

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Songbird in Infinite is pretty good the first time you hear the screech.

i'd say the really creepy echo-chamber voices of the firebomb guys too (granted i'm not far enough in yet)

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The butler from Tomb Raider II.

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I have said it before in a thread similar to this but I will say it again for it is the only truth.

The damn ninja lion trucks in Far Cry 2. Wondering peacefully through the Savannah when all of a sudden this monster truck sounding thing revs up right behind you and starts blasting its machine gun at you. To make it even scarier the damn things will try to run you over which sends you back to the previous save point.

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The sound of the grim reaper from Persona 3 always scared the shit out of me.

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Does the music that starts playing when the Reapers freak out in Kid Icarus count?