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why is that mass effect, halo, star trek online, stargate online, eve online, starwars online dont interest me? i thought i dislike sci fi games but then why is that im interest in unreal tournament, huxley, berkanix, rf online, lost planet?
im confused of my game-uality. are you in the same boat?

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Nope, because you can't just catagorize Mass effect, halo, STO, EVE and starwars with the same brush. 
Even though they are set in SI-FI they have very different play mechanics that play simelar to other genres.

  • Mass effect is action orientated 3rd person shooter with classic Bioware RPG elements, top notch production qualities.
  • STO is a crapfest MMO cryptic style with an instanced grind mob static universe.
  • Stargate online isn't out yet but looks like more of a multiplayer (gear orientated) shooter with instanced missions through gates 
  • EVE is a sandbox MMO with a REAL economy, death penalty is full loot, sov system for corps to dominate space... very complex.
  • Starwars I guess u mean KOTOR, another Bioware RPG elements with classy story, great party action and exploration although is getting dated compared to Biowares latest.
  • Unreal is a shooter thats been in development since 2000, the UDK is getting more and more complex. The game plays like a fast paced kill fest with twitchy gameplay with all the standard FPS options (flag, KOTH)
  • RF online was the grindfest of the century, no real fun involved just a classic kill 50 of these etc. Endgame control a mine for your faction so you can MINE?? great
  • And Halo is just fantastic action, exhasting battles FPS. Great production values and a distinct feel to it..