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Post a comment on his youtube video or send him a message to his youtube profile telling him that ScrewAttack has accepted his challenge on behalf of the internet and we're gonna beat him down.

#2 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

They are most certainly not representing the internet.

#3 Posted by Dalai (7793 posts) -

For the lazy people.  I'd bet on ScrewAttack on this one.

#4 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

Yes. Soulja boy doesnt stand a chance.

#5 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

lmfao... "hump it hump it!"

screwattack is awesome

#6 Posted by Win (548 posts) -

Has SouljaBoy ever responded to any of his challenges?? Hopefully he does because this should prove interesting....

#7 Posted by TekZero (2859 posts) -

I bet Soldier boy (yeah I spelled it correctly) doesn't even know half of the games that are featured on the Screwattack site.

#8 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -

ScrewAttack are gonna kick his ass.

-- God Bless.

#9 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

This would be the best video in the history of ScrewAttack if they filmed the footage.

They have to. Especially Street Fighter.
#10 Posted by Player1 (4035 posts) -

Screw attack is the shit. Funny ass video.

#11 Posted by TekZero (2859 posts) -

Looking at the video.. Giant Bomb did it better.. But then again Giantbomb.com does everything better.  Including video game websites about video games.