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#1 Posted by SuperMooseman (358 posts) -

Welcome to the second GiantBomb.com caption contest. You either clicked on this thread to find out more, or you're just an idiot. Probably the latter. But I digress. The aim of the caption contest is simple. I will post a picture and then you have to come up with a funny caption/subtitle. The thread will then close and the exclusive judge panel (who will remain unnamed until the results for secrecy) will then pick out six finalists. When these finalists have been picked, I will edit this post and embed a poll so that YOU can pick your favourite. Please note that this paragraph of text may or may not have been copied from last time.


  • You cannot edit the picture in any way.
  • Do not repost the picture, just tell us your caption.
  • Your caption must be funny.
  • No "OH U" or "NO U".
  • One entry per person.
  • Closes on 25th January 2009.

Without further ado, caption this picture!

#2 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -
"I know that milk usually isn't yellow, but just trust me and keep milking...if you don't, I'm going to use this knife to chop onions in your general direction!"
#3 Posted by Endogene (4742 posts) -
"It might hurt in the beginning but you will like it after a while"
#4 Posted by Drebin_893 (2943 posts) -

"Since you've downloaded The Jonas Brothers, I'll have to kill you"

#5 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

"Megaman 9: Eight hours later"

#6 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -
Alex,, let me assure you drinking my urine -vodka mix will not kill or harm you, this knife here however will if you don't drink up.
#7 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Alex Navarro is still a threat. A threat that must be silenced.

#8 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -


srs bisnis

#9 Posted by MattyFTM (14440 posts) -

"You WILL sing Britney Spears songs with me Mr. Navarro!!!!"

#10 Edited by Ghostin (369 posts) -

Celebrity gaming cakes for all those special occasions... Note: Some Navarros may contain nuts.

#11 Posted by Snail (8675 posts) -
"That's a lovely shirt Jeff.

Shut up and drink it up."
#12 Posted by Nuubzta (5 posts) -
"Suck it, or i cut you....and feed you this yellow shit..."
#13 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -

"I've almost finished my home made Zelda style lantern oil, all I need now is a bit of your blood"

#14 Edited by Rowr (5824 posts) -
"Where are you hiding the honey queen!? I swear Alex, I will ...zzzzzzzzzz"

""Suck it, or i cut you....and feed you this yellow shit...""

Lets keep them not to terrifying plz.
#15 Posted by Weltal (2276 posts) -

"Navarro! What have you done to my hon..ey?! ...Poi...son!"

#16 Posted by krazychris (210 posts) -

"Negotiations to bring Midnight Brown into Rock Band were going along swimmingly."

#17 Posted by Shazam (474 posts) -
"I shall now prove urine's incredible healing powers! I'll just make a large incision here..."
#18 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -
krazychris said:
""Negotiations to bring Midnight Brown into Rock Band were going along swimmingly.""
i vote for this to win
#19 Edited by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -

"See, this is how it works:

1. Get drunk.

2. Grab a jar of honey.

3. Cut throat.

4. Consume acquired honey.

5. Allow honey to exit laceration.

6. Eat the honey that has seeped through the wound.

7. ???

8. Profit.

And that, Alex. Is how you enjoy your honey twice."

#20 Edited by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

"ok i missed a little bit round your chin, going in for a second swing!! ive caught the blood in this ja... "

#21 Posted by VibratingDonkey (894 posts) -

"Jeff misunderstood when he was asked to take a drug test."

#22 Posted by Willy105 (4691 posts) -

This is what friends do when sleepwalking.

#23 Posted by TheGamerGeek (2501 posts) -
" you WILL play Guitar Hero: World Tour with me!"

" noooooooo"
#24 Posted by j0rdan (211 posts) -

"Can I have some Milk"
"I wont tell you again, I'm not your mamma"

#25 Posted by Daz0608 (384 posts) -

[After a few drinks...] "I don't like that bumfluff you have on your chin ... I'm going to shave it with this funny looking shaving foam and this razor"

#26 Posted by ThomasP (1661 posts) -

"Skipping on Midnight Brown in Rock Band 2 was a big mistake Alex."

#27 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -
Do you remember my Big Rigs review, Jeff? Yeah, I have experienced much worse than this.
#28 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

BiggerBomb's caption is by far the longest caption I've ever seen...

#29 Posted by brukaoru (5080 posts) -

Jeff: "...Who needs a shaver and shaving cream to trim their beards? Real men use a knife and some honey..."
Alex: "You're winner Jeff."

#30 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

'Don't make me go Bob's Game on your ass Alex'

#31 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3103 posts) -

"It's no fair. Brad and Ryan have beards, and I want one too. I'll just shave a little off of yours, Navarro, and paste it on with this delicious honey."

#32 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -
Kush said:
"BiggerBomb's caption is by far the longest caption I've ever seen..."

no u! :(
#33 Posted by Tearhead (2228 posts) -

"Dude, *HIC* trust me... a virgin's blood is the last ingredient needed to make a Phoenix Down."

#34 Posted by HiroSeven (215 posts) -

" It wasn't me, it was the one-eyed man!"

#35 Posted by lilarchie232 (728 posts) -

More like Alex No-tomorrow.

#36 Posted by marcspector (3 posts) -

"So lissen Alex. I'm tellin' ya this Drank shit is fantassic. Now gimme alla yer valerian root."

#37 Posted by Absurd (2934 posts) -

Looks like you need a haircut, Greaser. Let's Start right here.

#38 Posted by TomServo (199 posts) -

Jeff:"Ahhh!!! not gravy!!!"
Alex:" No, No hurt Alex!!!!"

#39 Posted by CreamyGoodness (1086 posts) -

"all the cool kids are doing it"

#40 Posted by musdy (323 posts) -

Joker did it!!

#41 Posted by zitosilva (1841 posts) -
"I love you, but I've chosen darkness."
#42 Posted by Snail (8675 posts) -
BiggerBomb said:
"Kush said:
"BiggerBomb's caption is by far the longest caption I've ever seen..."

no u! :("
I'm affraid that's against the rules, sir. You will have to step out now.
#43 Edited by jakob187 (21787 posts) -

"Alex, this lager appears to have lost its head.  Mind replacing it?"

#44 Posted by Daniel_Newton (1166 posts) -

And for only $19.99, you too will be able to make your very own Alex Navarro with our Alex-Super-Special goo mixture.
Call 1-800-H-A-R-R-R-R-R-M-O-N-I-X to get the complete ASS package.

#45 Posted by Vitefish (445 posts) -
*Jeff: Why so serious?*
#46 Posted by GamespotNoMore (856 posts) -

just wondering...doesw anybody know what is meant by the fourth rule?

states  "OH U" or "NO U" 

what is meant by that?

#47 Posted by GamespotNoMore (856 posts) -

Jeff:  "Too much beer and honey something something"

Alex: "Go Crazy?"

Jeff: "DOn't mind if I do!"

#48 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -

"I already killed your applesh Alex! Shvat makes *hic* you think I won't...cut choo..."

#49 Posted by GamespotNoMore (856 posts) -

did anybody else notice that Jeff is pointing the sharp edge of the knife away from Alex's neck?

#50 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2227 posts) -

I'm telling you Alex, if I get your head into this jar within five seconds of chopping it off, it'll stay alive."