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EDIT 2: Why you should watch these Dark Souls streams:

EDIT: You can find the archive(s?!) here: http://www.twitch.tv/frailgesture/b/413658484

Rorie is kinda just streaming Dark Souls as a test. It would've been really cool, though, if /chat was kept up and they just had the stream feed switch between Spookin' with Scoops and Rorie's stream.

Definitely not complaining about more content, regardless of delivery; this is awesome stuff!

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And it has just ended. For those who are interested, Matt Rorie said that he might continue to play it this weekend or something.

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That was pretty cool.

Dark Souls chats are the best, since it's a bunch of people going NOO DONT GO THAT WAY OH GOD.


I hope @rorie does some more for the site.

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We'll see how it goes - I haven't really talked with Jeff about it, and it was mostly as a test of my home streaming stuff. I definitely get some framerate hits when I do it, which is annoying, but then my computer is a few years old. If Brad doesn't do Daily DOTA anymore, maybe we can try and work out a Daily Dark Souls or something. At the very least I'll try to load up Twitch when I'm playing from home.

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@rorie: Are you kidding me?! I think my heart just exploded! How are you going to manage to get past* the dogs that try to kill you? I don't think they'll let you eat 'em up.

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I need to see a pro play this game because I'm having major problems in the very first area after the tutorial.

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I approve of this.

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@rorie: Oh god Daily DarkSouls would thrill me beyond words. So much better than those kids and their fancy MOBA's. Also, have you ever considered doing a heavy weapon STR build? I'm playing one right now using the Lightning +5 Demon's Great Hammer and I used to be a Spear & Shield guy but the hammer has been a ton of fun.

A 2-Handed jumping attack is netting me around 900+ damage on most of the grunt enemies now! You should give it a try sometime! The hard part is learning how to deal with the windup on the swing. Its a pretty different play style that really made the game feel fresh this 3rd time I've played it through recently.

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@rorie: What equipment are you rocking over there, Rorie? You should certainly try out OBS as well, as someone recommended. It works pretty alright. My apologies if you mentioned this stuff in the stream. It's very late here and Twitch is buffering a lot, so I believe I'll call it a night for right now.

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@demoskinos: If you have the strength to use the Demon's Great Hammer, you would do more damage with the +15. Have you tried?

@rorie: I don't know if the chat pointed out, but you missed a pretty important chest around the butcher that dropped the sack.

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@rorie: @oscar__explosion: http://speeddemosarchive.com/DarkSouls.html

Thank you but I should have put pro in quotes and have just said that I want to see Rorie do what I cannot.

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I always miss the good stuff.

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@colorbrandon: Yeah but most enemies have zero Lightning resistance and I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Lightning damage ignores armor. So in the end it winds up being pretty damn effective. I'd try to grab another hammer and get it up to +15 to test it out but I really don't feel like going through the slog of trying to grab a Titanite Slab as I've already exhausted the free one you get from beating the Asylum Demon

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@demoskinos: There are 5 ways of getting slabs in NG. Kalameet chest, Stray Demon, Crystal Lizards in great hollow, Siegmeyer, and Dark Wraiths. 4 of those are pretty much guaranteed.

I think most enemies in the first hour of the game have low lightning defense, but beyond Anor Londo I think you'll see the difference. And in NG+ I guess.

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Man, I was refreshing Giant Bomb and the GB Twitch.tv channel for an hour!

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Dota, Bioforge, E3 and now DarkSouls? What is this? It's like I'm in Willy Wonka's factory during christmas!

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Even though Rories article on Dark Souls is what got me to buy and eventually love the game, I just can't watch any Dark Souls, else the fever kick in and I have to play through the game for the 3rd or 4th time.

I highly approve of Rorie video game streaming, however.

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I'm ok with more dailies, not less.

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@nev: Play more! I'm still playing, closing in on 1100 hours.

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I've played for 300 hours so obviously I'd watch a daily Dark Souls stream. I really don't like spears in that game though. They're for pansies! Pansies I say! Why roll with spears when you can two-hand a friggin' axe and go on a rampage?! Or at the very least use a sword gosh darn it.

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Daily Dark Souls sounds far more entertaining than Daily DOTA.

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Please don't have me choose between Daily DotA and Dark Souls. That's just not fair.

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Okay, I'm onboard for this if Rorie is doing it. Praise the sun!

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YES PLEASE. Having daily Dark Souls AND Dota from fucking Giantbomb is like one of my wet dreams. Too good to be true.

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Watching the stream made me realize that I should buy this game on PC since I don't have it. But I'm such a cheap ass that I can't bring myself to pay $29.99 for it.

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@colorbrandon: Yeah those are the ways you can get them but they are rare drops as well. Also I'm pretty much end game taking a detour into the painted world and then its off to the last boss. I haven't seen any drop off in damage where it looked like this was a bad investment.

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Since Top Men now have the power for two streams in one chat, Rorie should do some counter-programming and then we'll either put it to vote or look for the highest actual Twitch views to determine who lives or dies.

But you know, I'm sure Daily DOtA and Dark Souls can co-exist!

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I can't get enough Dark Souls.

While you've surely been through a few times, there's nothing like watching someone stream their virginal Dark Souls run. I've spent hundreds of hours just watching people play it.

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@rorie honestly next week might be a decent time for such a stream, at least testing it in the office or something.

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I'm all for a daily Dark Souls. That'd be awesome.

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I SOOOO want to see daily Dark Souls with Rorie

and Matthew Kessler guest co-commentating

I know, I know... but I can dream

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Just wanted to say I'm really interested in Dark Souls content!

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Now that Rorie is here, it would be awesome having content of him playing games, any game.

Possible Daily Souls > Daily Dota

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The archive went up here. Let me know if that doesn't work, because I have no idea how the Twitch interface is supposed to work.

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@animasta said:

@rorie honestly next week might be a decent time for such a stream, at least testing it in the office or something.

Wait, is @rorie not going to be at E3?

#40 Posted by Rorie (2530 posts) -

@equitasinvictus: Nah, hanging around up here posting trailers and such. Honestly going to be nice - quiet office, no need to run around LA, etc. Should be fun!

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@rorie: Archive works fine; twitch eventually deletes old archives from some channels at arbitrary times but it'll probably stay up for at least a year.

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@rorie: Alone in the office? I request Daily Dark Souls, WoW/Last of Us TNT and Unprofessional Puppies!

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I only caught the end of this stream but man, every time I watch something Dark Souls I get the itch to go play more Dark Souls. It never lasts long enough for me to finish the game though.

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More Rorie content please! New content is always a good thing and even if you can't please every viewer, you will make a lot of people happy.

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This has so much more potential than Brad's Daily Dota streams. Let Rorie guide someone who knows nothing about the game. It could be magical.

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@rorie said:

@equitasinvictus: Nah, hanging around up here posting trailers and such. Honestly going to be nice - quiet office, no need to run around LA, etc. Should be fun!

Hell yeah, that sounds way better than E3. If I had the choice I'd skip E3. This is like a mini vacation.

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He's still got it! :D

Stream more please Rorie.

#48 Posted by Rorie (2530 posts) -

@pweidman said:

He's still got it! :D

Stream more please Rorie.

I'll try! I have a feeling Blighttown might be a bit awkward with the framerate being what it is. We'll see.

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This be good.

#50 Posted by BombcastGoldthwait (250 posts) -

@rorie said:

"If Brad doesn't do Daily DOTA anymore..."

Is that even possible?