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So, I'm moving into an unfurnished apartment for the first time, and that means I'm spending a lot (too much) money on a lot of things I haven't had to pay for before. One of those things is a flat-screen TV. I estimate based on the size of my living room that something in the 42"-47" range is ideal. I'm looking for something with three HDMI inputs, but I definitely don't need 3D, and I'm thinking I'm going to run cables from my desktop, so I don't know if I need very good Smart TV functionality, either.

Past that point, the important part is that it's a good TV for games, I guess that means low latency or something like that, decent contrast and a sharp picture (1080p?). It seems like there are a lot of serviceable options from Vizio or even older models from Sony or Panasonic in the $550 range that seem to fit these needs on their back of box features, while reviews are quick to point out that the budget nature of the TV is apparent from its picture. If I could get the TV for $550, I'd be ecstatic (though I'm open to spending somewhat more), but I'd rather have a TV that does what I need it to do very well than one that's a jack of all trades and master of none, when many of those trades are things I can do without.

So, are there any A/V experts out there who can point me in the right direction?

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I don't know how high you're willing to pay, but this so-called affordable TV is apparently some hot shit. Maybe look around the reviews there for something closer to your ideal.