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This is not a bait thread, by any means. More of a thread by a cynic and a vehement believer of the "you should not waste your time" ideology. I should trademark that name.

What's the point of the Giant Bomb editors? What we have is a group of sophomoric, arrogant reviewers, with fewer credentials than other sites, inferior writing skills, and far less content. Jeff Gerstmann, even after over a decade in gaming journalism, can't articulate why exactly he didn't enjoy SCIV, or, to clarify, didn't give the gasme higher than 3/5. His reasons were: boobs were too big, didn't like Yoda, didn't feel right. What is even more perplexing is that he said that the core gameplay was great. His review was complete and utter nonsense. Ask me to do so 10 years ago, when I was in third grade, and I could create a far superior critical analysis than that farce of a review.

Literally, they take weeks to publish maybe 3 or 4 reviews. It's absolutely absurd.  I do realize, however, that testing out energy drinks is an incredibly strenuous task that ought to occupy any group of grown men's time. Right.

What's the point of the Giant Bomb Wiki? What satisfaction does one reap from copying and pasting existing pages, slightly changing the wording of what they just attached to their clipboard? Here we have a system of "spacepoints," not redeemable for anything, being given for doing grunt work for a group of lackadaisical and staggeringly indolent men. What fun does one receive from wasting away at their precious, short lives (for they're probably Dorito-eating slobs to even preoccupy themselves with such rot in the first place) from getting imaginary points in a completely capricious system? There are people with hundreds of thousands of such points, and you can google "facepalm" for my reaction to these failures. Don't even get me started with those with thousands of posts only a month after this cataclysmic failure of a site launched.

This is not a bait, and please don't lock this thread. I am for the bettering of each and every member on this site. It's not too late to start.

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Please don't cross post into multiple is plenty.  Thanks.