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From what I've seen on these forums, people like to draw. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to start a thread where people can post their latest drawings, paintings, graphics...basically anything you created! Be really cool to be able to see your stuff!

I only just starting drawing. My cousin is a FANTASTIC artist, and I've always been jealous. Therefore, recently I sat down and gave it a go. It was okay, and I've kept practising. Be cool to see some really talented people post stuff on here. Seeing as I started this, I should start.

Been drawing eyes lately. Really hard. Trying to keep it basic and just do some quick sketches. I only have 1 pencil and rubber.

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Pretty cool. If you've only just started, you seem to be doing quite well. The iris, in particular, is really well done.

I've been trying to do digital art recently, but I haven't been sticking to my studies even nearly enough. Here's a card I drew for my friend a while back. She's a dog lover, obviously. :p

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Disappointed to see that this thread doesn't have more posts.

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I've always preferred to draw traditionally with a pencil, but I recently started drawing digital art. What a coincidence this thread pops up now. It's certainly been real fun. Here's two I actually did today.

Edit: Here's a picture I made for the community art memorial to honor Ryan Davis after his passing.

Edit: I found these while looking through some old sketches from several years ago.

My dog Jasper
A certain crooner I'm a fan of.

Old Saint Nick himself

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I occasionally abuse the pen tool in Photoshop and make things like this:

This one has an animated version done in After Effects. The trees, cars, smoke, fog, fireflies, hotel sign, airplane and whatnot all do stuff...but for here the still version will have to do:

That's all for meow.

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Enjoy this Miiverse doodle.

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This is exactly what I like about this site. I never seen art like this, and it's pretty awesome. Nice use of colour @themanwithnoplan, any computer colour/graphics used on those?

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Cosmos paintings are one of the few things I do, I also do hand drawn illustrations, which can be found here.

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Unfortunately, I rarely spend long enough to actually finish a drawing, so instead I tend to just doodle like crazy.

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@unilad said:

This is exactly what I like about this site. I never seen art like this, and it's pretty awesome. Nice use of colour @themanwithnoplan, any computer colour/graphics used on those?

Thanks a lot. I drew it entirely in sketchbook express on my laptop.

I've also been amazed at how many talented people are here on the site. I can't wait to see what other cool stuff people will post.

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I would like to display my art, but unfortunately I can't draw. I'm sadden now.

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Here's some very very old stuff

wall paper for my old music page (you can tell it's really old by the myspace link lol)

Mixtape cover i did for myself(I guess around 2006 or 2007)

Haven't done 2d art in a long while but i've been teaching myself 3d with zbrush lately

Farscape fanart i'm working on of Rygel.

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This one's a scene from the Last samurai. I know a lot of people dislike that movie, but I loved it a LOT :)
This one's a tribute to the Fable series. Loved Fable 1, hated 3 :P
Borderlands! Not much originality here though, just looked at the original poster and drew this one out
This one's still incomplete. Gotta add a man in there still.@rhombus_of_terror Hey cool! Nice work, looks really crisp. Mine's coming out a bit blurry. The star trail is quite difficult to create.Btw, inspired by Skyrim skies :)
Some Michelangelo :) Photo isn't very good though
Kicking integral butt! Drew this when I was in school, bout four years ago.

One of my personal favorites. Naomi Watts from the Painted Veil. Messed the nose up a bit :P
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Fun with Light and Shadow (top) Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn (bottom)

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@armaan8014: Dude, that is amazing!

Here's a portrait I drew of Nelson Mandela fairly recently:

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Here's a couple of sketches I want to finish one day. Improving my artistic skills is something I'd like to do.

Wacky Wannabe Super Hero
Kaladin from Way of Kings

I know there's a bit of weird proportion syndrome going on.

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My most recent work. Measures 3'x5'. Finished it a year ago, have been working on the next project ever since.

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Wow guys, some cool stuff in here,

Don't have a lot to hand that I could be bothered scanning, but these are a few of the sketches I did for the Metal Gear Art Studio:

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Recently completed Cave Story for the first time and quite adored it! Wanted to pay the game a tribute of sorts. Curly Brace is awesome~

Also went back and replayed some Suikoden II a few months ago, and that's still one of the best JRPGs out there. Made me want to draw one of my favorite enduring characters of the franchise, Viki.

And here's a random scenery shot from my own online story/graphic novel thing I'm working on; one of my personal favorites that turned out better than it should have.

I generally work with a calligraphy pen and do the coloring/shading digitally. I still prefer inking by hand for the organic, "messy" qualities it brings (and that's my excuse for my inability to keep a steady hand at anything). I do digitally correct bad ink lines if I really screwed them up though.

My personal website is here. It's sorta new and I'm still working on it, but it links to most of my work.


That's some fantastic stuff there; definitely ripe wallpaper material. I'd love to try my hand at full-digital art like that again someday.

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Here's a Bayonetta thing I've been working on.

#27 Posted by LackingSaint (1830 posts) -

Here's a GiantBomb thing I did a while back;

and here's a cartoon that is art;

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It looks simple but it’s not.

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Can I play? it's the first time I drew anything in years.

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I made this with charcoal and paint a few years ago, I had a whole sketchbook with hands but this is what I have on my desktop.

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Here's some my acrylic paintings... (nothing in any way original, but I like them.)

@mikeeegeee wow, just wow.

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OH MY GOD, OP! What the hell is tha... Oh, those are tears! I see! Crying, got it. Looked like something totally different. I'm kidding, considering you only just started(I find that hard to believe because it's really good) that's really great looking.

No but seriously, if I could draw or paint as well I would post all the time. There's some serious talent in here that I hope is used for more than just posting stuff to forums.

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Made a minimalistic Senji from Deadman Wonderland recently.

I made something like 3 slightly different variations of this.

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Nice stuff on here guys. Let me toss some of my own into the mix.

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I can't draw so here's a couple of photographs of mine to keep this going.

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WOO! I'm exhausted. I feel like I'm gonna go crazy like van Gough or something. I'm done.

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@mikeeegeee: That is absolutely beautiful! The colors are just magical! I'd love to see more of your work!

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some amazing stuff put up here.this is a incomplete doodle/thingy i did while bored using paint with a mouse,not so good .

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A gift for one of the Double Fine artists, of the protagonists of Broken Age. The girl is dressed as singer Janelle Monae, while the boy is the David Tennant incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who.
Some of my favorite handheld game protagonists.

Lili Zanotto and Razputin Aquato of Psychonauts, aged up with designs by a friend of mine. I actually showed the sketch version of this to Scott C., the concept artist of Psychonauts, and he liked it! One of the proudest moments of my life.

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Damn, tons of awesome work in here.

@rhombus_of_terror: Mike, the stuff on your website is amazing.

@vuud: Really dig the portraits. Patrick and his eyepatch(?!) got me good.

@cloudnineboya: And yours, too! Who's the PDF guy in the middle though?

@chops037: Thanks! I appreciate the compliment! Your stuff is really incredible and I'm jealous I don't have any of it on my walls. The Limbo one is so, so awesome. You're talented!

@mushir: You're very kind! I don't want to flood the thread with a bunch more images, so if you're interested in seeing more, just do a quick scroll through my blog and you'll see some

http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/mikeeegeee/blog/. Hoping to finish the latest before the school year starts...

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@mannymar: Yo I want that King Ryan as a poster for sure

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I'm working on a space ship in Blender. No textures yet.

I got over-ambitious and am having a hard time finishing now since I've made so much work for myself. Here's a close up of the cockpit without the funky lighting:

The clamps around the ball behind the cockpit lever shut. The whole thing is modular, and I'm hoping to make an animation of it coming together. The thing is, I got over-ambitious with the modeling, and made the thing so damn big it's turning out to be more work than I feel like doing on it. It's all supposed to be a prequel to this thing I made a few months back:

Oh for more time.

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Cool Thread, here are some of my drawings. Sorry if this is too big.

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Man we have some great artists in here. Here are some random iPad sketches I have done.

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@oursin_360: Does Zbrush have a test version? I always wanted to try it but it costs a fortune.

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Hey folks!
A lot of talented people in here!

My project started as a doodle at work, but i kept adding to it, with some kind of podcast-animation in mind.
I wanted to make a lot of separate parts of the bomb-squad, so that i might combine the pieces into various facial-expressions in Flash or After Effects.
I thought that if i made most of the parts work with different squad-members, i would save time, and might actually get to animating something in the end. (Not likely)

Posting the sketches of what i have so far:

#48 Posted by fisk0 (4283 posts) -

All I got at the moment is an oil painting I made about 10 years ago:

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@mikeeegeee: Whaaaooo!! Amazing work!

This one's still incomplete. Gotta add a man in there still.

Finished this one :)

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This page is killing me! And I am on a quadcore with 16 GB of RAM!

Here is what you're missing:

Most stuff I did is lost. A few lesser things were found and partially uploaded to the Googles. I stopped around my early Twenties. Go big or go home! I went "home". There's nothing worse than "he tried" - you hit a wall and you either continue or you should quit? There's enough 'bad' art out there, already. And making 1000 different gun barrels or "Dragon's", or ending up in advertisment, photoshopping "cigarette boxes" or "Lady Gaga's" skin from photo shoots for Vanity Fair, isn't really a fullfilling job?