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do you think he should be fired for his horrible review?        
also how long do you think it will be before the vidieo gets removed by g4? 
just to be clear i am talking about the rant that starts at 0:34

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that was unnecessary for him to rant about. Fired, naw but it was tasteless

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Politically Incorrect and accurate, but a little unnecessary of course he shouldn't be fired.

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I remember when XPlay used to be funny... :(

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I'm really, really surprised whoever his editor is cleared that.

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I fail to understand how that was at all necessary to the review. Kind of a dick thing to say.

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he's really annoying so much i stopped watching the show

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He's partially right; North Korea barely has enough money to keep its population from starving to death (in fact it must actively borrow and request money from other countries to do so), and their military hardware is about 20 years out of date so an invasion from them is not really a realistic threat. Though, I felt he went a little overboard, insulting Kim-Jong-Il's physical appearance certainly wasn't necessary, nor was insulting South Korea. 

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he seems angry that anyone dare write a story about invading america rather than how bad the game is

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It's G4. How much you get paid is based on how edgy and sarcastic you are.

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What the fuck was that? Though didn't x-play have a review of FES that spoiled the ending of Persona 3?

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Whoever allowed that to be put on the internet should be fired

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This is tasteless, kind of offensive, and is nowhere near professional. Good thing I have never taken G4 seriously.

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I hope Korea invades G4.

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He is way overreacting on the story. He shouldn't be that reluctant to what is possible and impossible in a game. What the hell does he say about Modern Warfare and black ops. It's fiction for christ sake.

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That's some YouTube Review grade shit right there.
Or maybe he's getting 'angry' cause that's how we're to feel over the depiction of the invasion of the USA?

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I think some of you guys may have missed where he made fun of people living in a hellish dictatorship as if it was their own fault. 
And then the South Korea thing. 
I'm not sure if "racist" is quite the right word but that was some low, low fucking shit.

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Yeah don't know about fired,but yelled at at least... that guy is a dick.
His biggest complaint seems to be the premise....ITS FICTIONAL DUMBASS. 
You don't see other reviewers give bad scores for games like Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls because you can use magic in them.

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Holy crap. That was the very definition of "Whoa, not cool."
Of course, I'm sure all of the 3 people who still watch this show found it hilarious.

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There's a difference between "reaching the common man" and being the common man. Video game "journalists" don't seem to get that. If you're going to babble on like some user review, why should I give your review more weight than some random user?

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@Jimbo said:
" I hope Korea invades G4. "
I'd buy a game about that. 
@N7 said:
" Holy crap. That was the very definition of "Whoa, not cool."  Of course, I'm sure all of the 3 people who still watch this show found it hilarious. "
I wish only three people watched it. I hate how edgy they try to be on that show.
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Dude sounds butthurt. 
I'd love it if he was fired for this.

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Really this guy and anyone above him who signed off on that rant should be fired for extreme stupidity.

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@extremeradical:  It reminds me of that stupid kid at a party trying to get "cred" by trying to act cool and doing stupid things. "Am I cool yet guys!? Am I cool yet!?" To which the answer is a very stern "No." But that's obvious.
G4 stopped being cool when they stopped being G4.
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lol "playing Starcraft 2 while their babies starve to death" that was pretty funny.

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This seems wildly inappropriate and edgy purely for the sake of being edgy. 

" I hope Korea invades G4. "    
 Clearly, this is the only coarse of action. An extremely censored/edited version of Bend It Like Beckham aired nonstop can't get much worse than nonstop Cops and Cheaters reruns with two shitty web video shows thrown in.
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He was just trying really hard to be funny. Kind of painful to watch, kind of offensive, not racist though. 

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No, I'm pretty sure Blair is just a "talking mouth" for some other writer so why kill the messenger?  G4/X-play gave him a script to read, he read it, time to move to the next one.  If you want to fire someone then you need to start with the writer and  the segment producer.  But, really are you going to fire someone for a few bad jokes that while tasteless have some element of truth to them? 

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I don't really see a problem with it. I mean its not like most of the world are big fans of North Korea, and he's kinda right. 

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I'm glad that DirecTV no longer deals with G4. I don't have to see their crap on my TV. The only thing I miss are Ultimate Banzuke and Ninja Warrior.

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I'm not one bit surprised that this kinda shit goes at G4.  I can't stand this channel at all and truly think that they need to just let me be ran by Adam Sessler.  I watch his Soapbox and his Feedback every Wensday, but seeing this just makes me weep for Mr. Sessler.   I know now why the world is coming to an end, because they let trash like this on the air.

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That rant was completely unnecessary and not funny at all,

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I think he should be fired over not knowing what's reality and what's fake.

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Hey guys, have you heard about this thing called Freedom of Speech? It lets anyone, even douchebags, say what they want. I think that's pretty cool.

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How dare someone make a video game with a fantastical premise! Kaos should have played it safe and made a realistic storyline like CoD always has.

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On X-Play, the cast members narrating aren't always the ones who wrote the review. They take written reviews from their website and tweak it for the show. Here is the written review. It does not feature the rant you are referring to, but you'll notice many similarities between it and the show version. My point is don't be so quick to blame Blair. He didn't write the review and may not have been the one making the edits for the show either. He's just reading it as far as you know, because that's his job.

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Well...  As for the North Korea comment, he's kind of right.  There is no suspension of disbelief because, well, they have to get everything they have shipped into the country.  They can't even grow enough food there because the regime has fucked up what little farm land there is in that country after they built their "great dam that signifies the strength of the DPRK and its people."  Right.  And how is a broke, starved, inaccurate (with the shelling of the island last year, this thing is on a map after all), and pseudo-power flaunting state like North Korea ever take on the US and our stock pile of missile that we could use on their war ships before they even get across the Atlantic? 
As for the South Korea bit, I think it was a reference to neglectful parents in the news who have had this happen.  Don't worry about it though, it's happened here as well. 
I don't watch X-Play or G4 at all.  I have no idea what kind of work they do.  That rant sounded just about right.  There REALLY needed to be some more story behind "the two Koreas became one Korea and Zerg rushed everyone else.  The end.  Oh, and then American rebels fought back like in the Revolution.  The end again."  It's an interesting concept,. but I'm hearing just one lame thing about the game after another.  And I like stories that make my actions in a game meaningful, or at least have some better motive behind it.  Now, don't confuse that with a game needing to be 75% to 25% game.  That's just lame.

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I don't think politics should come in to play when discussing the review of a product (video game, movie, book, etc.).  It should be judged on its own merits.  I understand saying that the story premise seems a little odd and farfetched but to go on an Anti-North Korean and South Korean rant is unprofessional.
I don't think he needs to be fired.  But he needs to be reprimanded and taught what is appropriate for a review and what isn't. 

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@Bennyishere said:
" Hey guys, have you heard about this thing called Freedom of Speech? It lets anyone, even douchebags, say what they want. I think that's pretty cool. "
Seriously? You can't really be pulling a "freedom of speech" card on something as stupid as a G4 review. Just because he has a right to say it doesn't make it fine that he spends a third of a video game review telling shitty jokes in bad taste about North and South Koreans.
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@kingzetta said:
" Whoever allowed that to be put on the internet should be fired "
It was on t.v.
Also, I don't like Blair Herter, but I thought it was mildly amusing, people get offended to easy.
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@Bennyishere said:
" Hey guys, have you heard about this thing called Freedom of Speech? It lets anyone, even douchebags, say what they want. I think that's pretty cool. "
Freedom of speech is fine but he's representing a company with this review.  I doubt they would really care about his freedom of speech if there was a big back-lash due to this.  
Ultimately, you're right.  He can say whatever he wants.  He can also be unemployed and penniless.  It's about professionalism.
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Well, yeah he should be fired. Not necessarily just for this but because he's generally fucking awful.

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@BUCK3TM4N said:
"he's really annoying so much i stopped watching the show "
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Pretty dickish of him. 
Kim Jong Il is kind of a cunt though.

#46 Posted by august (3947 posts) -

Making fun of Kim Jong Il is fine. Making fun of the people who are forced to live under his rule is underhanded.

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So, i found this kind of funny, just saying

#48 Posted by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -

Just another example of accepted racism nowadays. 

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I've always hated Blair Herter. I could only hope he gets fired.

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@N7 said:
" @extremeradical:  G4 stopped being cool when they stopped being G4. "
Amen to that.