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#51 Posted by NegativeCero (3090 posts) -

No, because it would make games less fun to become that realistic.

#52 Posted by evanomeara (96 posts) -

Good question I would say depends on the game if it is trying to be more realistic then yes should be some damage but for other games it doesn't really bother me. Guess it all depends and what the game is trying to do

#53 Edited by SharkEthic (1084 posts) -

In Far Cry 3 you can dive head first, arms stretched out in front of you (fucking awesome), and in that case you shouldn't take damage. When bailing from a hang glider over water, falling hundreds of feet, ass first, arms flailing, you should take damage. Still not totally realistic, but it makes some amount of sense.

But yeah, depends on the game.

#54 Posted by awesomeusername (4530 posts) -

@Jack268 said:

I prefer A because I will always presume that's how it is so if it isn't I'll just get mad if I die from it.
#55 Posted by Vonocourt (2175 posts) -

Video games trained me to aim for the water, so no.