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Posted by coribald (324 posts) 2 years, 1 month ago

Poll: Should Giant Bomb still post trailers? (241 votes)

Yes, as many as they do now 42%
Yes, but not as many 7%
Maybe, they don't bother me 27%
No, they fill up the front page too much 24%

It seems to be the last remant of a normal "video game site", and in my opinion doesn't really fit with the direction of the site anymore. Maybe they could for big releases that they know everyone in the community cares about, but do we really need the feed flooded with 3 or 4 trailers a day, that most people won't even watch?

#51 Posted by ratzombie (171 posts) -

Yes, I don't really go on any other video game website so I get my trailers from GB or a direct link to a video on YouTube.

#52 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -

I don't usually watch trailers on GiantBomb, that's mainly because the player just isn't very performant on Firefox currently. I can't get it to go to full screen properly, and often the bandwidth is kinda shite. That said, I'd love for GiantBomb to post all trailers, but not on the main page. A kind of trailer ghetto would be neat. Yeah - I know the world doesn't need yet another site uploading trailer dupes on youtube, but a tightly run comprehensive trailer channel by GiantBomb wouldn't be the worst thing. A nice seperate little *Trailer Newsfeed* on the mainpage would be great, especially if it interlinked with forum comments! We'd just need a *Trailer Park* section in the forums.

@shagge said:

I rarely watch them, but I always read and enjoy Alex's one-liners on each one. I swear that man absorbs all of Ryan and Jeff's excess cynicism and projects it into pure comedy.

His writing is never not hilarious indeed. More trailers. More tradmark snark. I'm all over it!
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I don't come here for trailers. I rarely watch game trailers on any site, except if it's a crazy game, like a suda 51 game or something like gta.