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So I've been really interested in playing some Day Z for awhile now. I never took the plunge though because I heard that a standalone product was being made and thought I'd just wait for that. That was about six months ago and I'm getting really antsy. So my question to you is this.

Is Day Z worth playing if I were to start today? Will the standalone product be that big of a step forward that it's worth the wait? I have zero interest in playing the base Arma games if that helps.

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I would personally wait for the stand alone release. Everytime I've played DayZ it's always very buggy and can never connect to a sever so i just end up rage quitting

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Wait for the stand-alone. This isn't the type of game where a bug or mistake can be brushed off easily. You lose everything you have collected when you die, so when a cheater comes by and decides to kill you, too bad.