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Don't know if this has been posted yet, but just thought I'd share. Pachter just did a shoutout to GB on the latest Pach Attack.


"If you're interested in keen insight into game quality, I suggest you go to the Giant Bomb website. Those guys are pretty good, they're pretty honest."

Kinda cool to hear him say that on his GameTrailers hosted show. Stick around for a pretty horrible (but maybe a little fun) faux hiphop video featuring 'the Pach'.

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Yup, noticed that too when I watched it yesterday. It's been clear for some time that the man is a fan of the site and it'd be great if he appeared as a guest again on a GB video feature.

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Probably not such a conflict of interest to say that on GT because 'insight' is the last thing one would go there for with the exception of Pachter's show.

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I might not always agree With his opinions, but Pachter has always seemed like a cool dude. If I'm not mistaken, he has said similar things about GB in the past. He had a really heartfwlt reaction to Ryan passing on a special segment of Bonus Round, so it's pretty clear that he like the crew.

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Always nice to see the site getting recognition, especially from someone like Pachter. As much shit as he may have gotten, I enjoy hearing what he has to say on most topics.

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I never had issues with Pach. He always seemed pretty down to earth and an all around cool guy and it's not the first time he has said nice things about GB or the guys.

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For a second I read the title as shootout. Glad this turned out to be a completely different and not shitty topic.

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Read between the lines 'Because fuck GT reviews.'

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Me being a dumbass had me staring at the Strat in the background wondering why it had no strings and some of the frets pulled out. Took me a horrendous amount of time to figure out it was for Rock Band.

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That's old news. Pach has liked Giantbomb for a long time. He'd probably be semi regularly if Giantbomb was located in LA instead of Frisco

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Both he and Greg Miller (IGN) have given shout outs to Giant Bomb. Hell during the episode 300 event he was wearing a "China Don't Care" shirt.

Always great to see them mention the site, it should help bring new people.

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Pach does a lot of shoutouts, routinely saying things like "I should get drunk and go on Giant Bomb."

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If you want good knowledgable information on the industry and financial side of videogames, don't go to Pachter.

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@csl316 said:

Pach does a lot of shoutouts, routinely saying things like "I should get drunk and go on Giant Bomb."

He got the order backwards; he should go on Giant Bomb and get drunk.

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Pachter has always loved Giant Bomb. This is nothing new. I don't care about anyone says, Pachter is a cool dude.

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Pachter is awesome.

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Always liked the guy. I'd like to imagine that he sometimes sits in his Wedbush office in the middle of the afternoon watching UPF.