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I've always been a person that just HATES stuff, i hate having stuff. So after looking over at my wall of games / DVD / and even CDs I said Fuck it, it picked out the games, movies that i hold near and dear to my heart and have fond memories of, sold the rest on eBay, craigslist, Even GAVE Away shit FREE etc.... And so here lies my ENTIRE collection of boxed retail games that i own. ALL THE GAMES i own physically. The rest of my game collection is stored on the steam and XBL/PSN

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I rediscovered a case of about 20 NES games in my parent's basement like a year and a half ago. They were discolored and kinda rusty because a pipe was leaking on them, but to my surprise nearly all of this worked.

I have another case of 20 games somewhere... At least I hope it's still in my parents house...

But In the entire history of my video-gaming life I've only sold 2 games so my current collection is pretty girthy. I'll have to do a count or photoshoot sometime.

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@bigjeffrey: I used to have a fairly large collection full of rare SNES,PSX,GC, and PS2 titles. I sold them for quite a bit of money because they were clutter and I didn't think I would play them anymore. Most regretful decision I've ever made. Titles like Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn, G-Darius, Gradius V, Valkyrie Profile, Yoshi's Island, Turtles in Time, Star Ocean the 2nd Story, Grandia 3.

Many games that aren't available by legal digital distribution and are very difficult to find.

edit: meant Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance the GC one

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Eh quite a bit. This is a shitty Vita picture of my collection minus 2 Vita games and 4 PS3 cases I have in my room for some apparent reason.. a meager collection I'd say. Lots of PSP game boxes hidden on the second self. Everything from the middle minus the ZoE LE and Spyro box set is mine. Almost time for a new shelf sadly .. =/

Been forced to start rows of games for PS2, 3DS and Vita behind my other stuff. =( And they sadly keep coming .. my backlog weeps because of LEs and deals.

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I seem to collect between 20 and 40 games per system, so I've got hundreds of physical games between NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, PS3 and PC (binders and binders of 90s PC games). I did have an Xbox and a PS2, but I fortunately sold those systems with almost all of their games. I'm definitely more digital now than I had been, Playstation+ and Steam have been a huge change I'm the way I acquire video games and I've basically given up on new retail games because I have less time to play them.

The bulk (by physical volume anyway) of my gaming collection is in tabletop RPG books and hobby board games. I have two full bookshelf rows of AD&D books and box sets, D&D3 books and D&D4 books, with small collections of a handful of other RPGs. I also have two bookshelves full of board games I've collected in the last 15 years, from Civilization to Catan to Twilight Imperium to all of the Dominion expansions. Board games are definitely my favorite way to game.

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Nintendo/Microsoft drawer. There are GBA games under the GBA.

Sony drawer. That's a stack of PS1 games if the depth doesn't come through.

My pride and joy, my Metal Gear Collection. Some of that stuff is signed by the man himself.

My other Limited Edition stuff. The 5-Game God of War collection is in there.

There are a handful of other games I have pulled off to the side since I'm actively playing them, and a couple of more I have lent out to friends and never gotten around to getting. Mostly Wii stuff, some PS3. Probably around 10ish games? I also recently cleared stock of anything I didn't deem worthy to be in the collection.

Not too bad if I so say myself. But I like physical thins, and have other drawers full of movies/CDs (which I've been attempting to ween myself off of)/books.

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I am not going to start counting, but probably slightly fewer than 100?

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Mine is still a little embarrassing, but I've managed to tame it to around 1 box of games per console generation (starting at 3). The advent of the DVD made this process a lot less painful...

It's tough deciding what to keep and what to sell, but working to a set physical limit makes it a bit easier to stifle the voice that tells me "YOU MUST KEEP EVERYTHING". I tend to whittle it down to games I really liked, and stuff that's not so common anymore at the end of a generation, then ebay the rest.

Though since this generation has lumbered on for so long, the box I have for it is getting a little full. Here it is for reference (minus PS3 games).


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Couple shelves worth. Pretty small.

My book collection on the other hand... let's just say I have to devote serious consideration to total available square footage when looking for apartments.

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Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza 4, Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2, Gran Turismo 4. I'm looking at it now. I've sold a lot of games over the years to friends once I had my fill and a couple I just threw out because they're shit. For example I bought the PS3 version of Skyrim and I just threw it out because of how fucking terrible it was, I wouldn't even sell it to somebody because of that.

PC Master Race now. Everything is digital. I have a disc drive in my computer and it's nothing more than a paperweight at this point.

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Not very. It's maybe a dozen boxed PC games and maybe 8 or so PS3 games. I probably have 3 Xbox 360 games. So... like 23-30 physical boxes?

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Lets just say it would take about 10 minutes of work to get a picture of everything in one location so you'll just have to take my word that around 60-70 games for PS3 and 360 each along with a ton of original Xbox games, Wii Games ,boxed PC games, PsP games oh yeah and a few Ps One games.

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Please forgive the poor quality of these images, all I had handy was my phone and the lighting in here is pretty bad.

The only things not pictured are my copy of Ocarina of Time, and my copy of Devil Summoner 2 with the Raiho plush.

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Please forgive the poor quality of these images, all I had handy was my phone and the lighting in here is pretty bad.

The only things not pictured are my copy of Ocarina of Time, and my copy of Devil Summoner 2 with the Raiho plush.

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@buttenator: Won't lie those boxed copies of Mega Man are getting me all hot and bothered.

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Way too many. Probably 300-400 games, many systems. It's getting to the point where I'm just sick of having so much stuff, especially whenever I move. However, I'm at that point in life where I will probably buy a house and have kids pretty soon, so I'm trying to hold out on selling stuff. I'd like to pass on all these games to my children so they just have this huge library of awesome shit to play all the time (and then I can yell at them about being lazy bums who just play video games all day and force them outside).

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The last time I counted it was 700ish. Even thought that is kinda a lot it doesn't really take up that much space. Not keeping all the boxes for my Nintendo and sega games certainly helps. I'll edit in a few photos a bit later.

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Hey duders this is my stuff:

where the magic happens... videogames are being played here.

Here it is.. Not really that big, and not planing on growing it, really digital distribution made me laisy. Most proud of my Atari collection, Both SC2 SE Boxes and Skyrim SE for PC.


And more videogames..

Thanks all! videogames keep it real.

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More than I need and not as many as I'd like.

I'd have a whole hell of a lot more if I hadn't sold my PS2 a while back. Stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do. I also sold my PSP games, totaling about 14, and I've gotten rid of some DS and 360 games. Man, I'd like to punch past me.

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I've lent my friend 4 games so I can't take a photo. Can't exclude the other brothers! But I have like 40 PS3 games. My other games from older consoles either disappeared, were stolen(PS2 games), or are in different places. I also got 4 statues and 5 collector edition boxes in my closet.