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As the Title suggests, this is an open discussion forum for the single best piece of GB content/best Moment to date! I've been looking for some hilarious GB content to watch, and while Vinco is moving to NYC and we greatly await E3, I assume there may be a small slow down over the next few days, so lets get it rolling! There are obviously thousands of great moments, so feel free to share multiple if you have them! Let this just be our letter of love and appreciation to the GB crew as we peer off into the distance that is E3, remembering always the great porn sets of 2013. Got a great story that goes with one of the many moments to share? Feel free to spit it all out! Giantbomb has meant so much to me over the last few years, and I want to hear the great moments and stories of my fellow duders!

My Contribution:

The King, Ryan Davis

And heres the hot link to the video from GOTY 2011!

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(PS: Please include citation of said content, so people can view it as well as some reason for selection, this isn't meant to just be a video spam thread)

EDIT: Great response so far guys! I've been dying laughing at this stuff.. Its amazing how after following the site for over 3 years now and theres still heeps of amazing content i've yet to see!

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Either the parody of The Office from 2012's GOTY awards, or that one Bombcast where they bitched about Yelp, and also talked about putting turkey basters full of alcohol into someone's ass.

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Maybe it's a bit of a stretch but my favorite "thing" from giant bomb was a bit on an old episode of the bombcast when someone implied that Jeff might be causing more MyNotebook games to be made by mentioning them on the bombcast and giving them business, and Ryan said something like "you're a fucking nazi war criminal of electronic downloadable games" I still can't get over that one.

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I came here to post this, you beat me to it.

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Mine's really sad and kind of dark, but it's when Jeff started to go into WiiWare releases at the beginning of the Ryan memorial Bombcast.

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Too Human video.


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I don't think it gets much better than the Fortune Street TnT

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They're probably mostly Bombcast moments for me. The Nintendo download roundup Jeff did at the end of old episodes were always fucking hilarious. They were even more funny if, like I was, you were catching up on old Bombcasts first time you heard them and listened to a bunch in a row. The steady breakdown of Ryan's psyche every week, and Jeff's dogged insistence that it be done "for the people" was some classic Ryan/Jeff improv. The funniest one of those was the episode when Jeff is reading out a description for some DSi shovelware (I think it was MyNotebook) and Vinny realises that it has the exact same description from a week prior but with different colours. Ryan's Sonic 4 rant, Jeff's NiGHTs Into Dreams rant, and the first episode Vinny comes back from paternal leave, sounding exhausted, telling stories of the first few weeks of fatherhood are also parts I remember. The episode with Ryan getting pissed at Vinny for derailing the episode with talk about the GI Joe cartoon, culminating in Mr Caravella getting the worst case of the giggles I've ever heard. The infamous Skyrim vs Saints Row the Third, 40 minute debate of 2011 was also absolutely... something. A lot of people hate how long it dragged on for, but the office politics and deep game debating at play there was amazing to listen to.

The PS4 reveal event has some absolutely gold GB moments, especially Ryan freaking out at how much the dev for #DRIVECLUB was fetishising the cars.

Ryan seeing that video of Brad Muir from the late 90s, with his bead necklace and stories of his ska band.

Other than that, I don't really know. If I could remember individual moments from the P4 ER I would post them, but that's just a great overall piece of content, with a lot of the humour coming from inside jokes that built over time (funky student, the drug dealing fox, the uncle being an alcoholic etc.)

EDIT: Going through all those podcast moments has made me want to go through old episodes of the Bombcast again, and made me realise how many of those moments involved the hosting talents of Ryan. RIP Ryan.

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That gent's Megan's Law question followed by the biggest and best laugh from Ryan and even Jeff busting out into a chuckle. That's number one for me so far.

I'll post something myself if anything springs to mind.

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It would have to be this:

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Persona 4 endurance run

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Brad beating Call of Duty.

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@pie said:

I don't think it gets much better than the Fortune Street TnT

Just what I was going to post.

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Dragonball evolution quick look!

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That time they played the video game and were snarky and sarcastic about it.

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It's definitely part of the Persona 4 Endurance Run, though I'd be hard pressed to pick out a specific episode.

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In between this or

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I would have said the P4 Endurance Run but I don't think that counts as a "single" thing.

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@generic_username said:

Either the parody of The Office from 2012's GOTY awards, or that one Bombcast where they bitched about Yelp, and also talked about putting turkey basters full of alcohol into someone's ass.

That was a really good episode. My favorite though is the 2011 Thanksgiving episode. Everyone was super energetic, had a lot to discuss and was really funny. \m/ sandwich construction \m/

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This video and the Drew's North Korea Trip video are my favorites.

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I must be one of the few who isn't in love with the Fortune Street TNT. I found the four player Family Fued/Price is Right/Buzz Quiz Quick Looks to be more hilarious than that TNT.

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@sunbrozak: Sometimes I'll swear that I've seen every piece of content this site has to offer, only to eventually come across yet another thing I never knew existed. What was this from? A Happy Hour?

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@newfangled: Big Live Live Show 2 (It even says so in the Youtube description :P)

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I watch this regularly, genius!

oh and how could I forget this!!

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@pie said:

I don't think it gets much better than the Fortune Street TnT

Just what I was going to post.

Quote pyramid!

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Definitely the Persona 4 ER, though that's not really a single piece of content, but it was such a blast the whole way through.

Close runner up is Drews North Korea video, which is probably the most interesting thing on the entire site.

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No Phantasmagoria? What is wrong with you motherfuckers?

Best content is ranked by:

  1. P4 ER
  2. Phantasmagoria RPCG/ER
  3. Fortune Street TNT
  4. Everything else

EDIT: Watching the content that I downloaded over the years and want to keep for eternity, totally forgot about how much I enjoyed this video, essentially tipped me over in purchasing a membership, then the next few weeks we got Fortune Street and Phantasmagoria and that was worth the price of admission alone. This is also my dream purchase now, if I were to win the lotto or my parents were to pass away, a Warlords cocktail cabinet would be the first thing I buy, no idea where we would put it but I would make it work. My wife would hate it, until we played it.

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EDIT 2: Again, watching my videos, god damn I love the Sim Golf video and they got fucking Sid Meir to talk about his damn game, so cool, so cool.

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@roboculus92 said:

I would have said the P4 Endurance Run but I don't think that counts as a "single" thing.

Hey, I'm saying it anyway.

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Vinny and Dave playing Phantasmagoria immediately comes to mind.

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Not much can beat the Persona 4 endurance run.

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In terms of pure professionalism, this video trumps all.

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Patrick, after Ryan picks the name Brono in their ER: "Great, now we're stuck with that shitty joke for 45 hours."

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Train Simulator Halloween DLC Quick Look.

When Ryan says Skytrain...... It still just cracks me up. I watch it every couple of months.

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I think it's the fake commercial they made for the Giant Bomb iPhone app.

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I love this thread. Keep it up. Many of my favorites are already posted.

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This was a great moment.

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2 things come to mind. Obviously Video Thing, but THIS will always stay with me.

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"I'm the saucepan man!"

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Love many of the ones posted already. Just a few more favorites.

"Deadly Premonition" -- My favorite WTF moment from the endurance run with Jeff and Vinny.

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"Darkest of Days" -- Jeff and Ryan at the helm with Vinny and Dave cracking up in the background. All my favorite moments start at this timestamp, but the entire thing is worth a watch.

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"Skyrim" -- The unexpected sabertooth cat moment brings gales of laughter to Brad, Jeff and Patrick.

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