#1 Posted by jimmdogg (71 posts) -

Anyone else having issues with the site running much slower since all the quest stuff kicked off?

#2 Posted by sohail12345 (46 posts) -

nope it runs normal

#3 Posted by Bucketdeth (8048 posts) -

Yeah it is running slower, everything seems sluggish now.

#4 Posted by eroticfishcake (7792 posts) -

Yes it's slow. With all the heavy traffic and some more weight to carry around it's inevitable. Give it a few more days. 
Also, this has been mentioned at LEAST five times in the past two days. Please use the search function unless you've got other reasons for doing so.

#5 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -

Yup, much slower for me. Happens when new features are introduced though, so it is all good.