Posted by HiCZoK (277 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: Site very slow recently ? (39 votes)

Slower than normal 38%
As always 44%
Faster than ever 18%

Hi. I am a member of gb since it started and the site was never so slow for me. I am a month-to-month paid member and for over a year now only watching videos in html HD. Those are unwatchable anymore. Even in normal quality. I get black bars on sides and video takes minutes to load even 1 frame. Only auto streaming works but is is pixelated and before it turns hd, it takes some time. Youtube also works very well but it's not an option about for subscribe videos.... and html quality is just much much better.

GB is best place tow atch highest quality trailers in uncompressed html5.. so it's a bummer for me.

I have 100mb down internet. over wifi i am scoring about 60mb down. Is the site really slower or am I crazy?

ohhh and live streams dont work in highest quality (but are fine on high)

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Seems pretty quick to me. Look! I'm posting in real time, no lag and no double posting.

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I'd say it's been the same as usual for me lately. Is this the only site or internet usage in general that you've been having trouble with?

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Its had spots of being a little slow but overall its more responsive and the forums aren't entirely shit and broken like they were two months ago.

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@damodar: yeah it's kinda the only site that slowed so much for me.

#5 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Seems fine to me. I just can't download any videos as they always crap out about half way in. Which sadly is the norm.

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@hiczok I have the same problem, HTML5 HD videos used to load nice and quick. Now nothing loads, the streaming option cuts out after 2s even on low quality... The downloads don't start and if they do they crap out after a while, The really sad thing is that this has started to happen to the podcasts/mp3's aswell... My connetion is 100/10M and no other websites have been acting up.

#7 Posted by HiCZoK (277 posts) -

finally, another person with the same problem. what can it beeee

#8 Posted by CynicalBuzzard (254 posts) -

I have not been having any problem with the site.

#9 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (552 posts) -

Sometimes video streaming is pretty bad, but otherwise everything seems to be in order.

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The site has been fast and responsive in all regards for me for a few months. Besides notifications being broke and the video player being crappily designed (though it streams video fine for me) all is well. Pages load fast and videos play quicky and don't stop so they can buffer.

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Now were voting about why the site is slow?