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I've been playing the Last of Us and I keep trying to make sure I'm getting the best experience by messing with my TV's audio/video settings. My TV is my PC monitor, so I was wondering if there is some kind of website that could help test for picture/audio quality.

For video I guess what I have in mind is a test that presents multiple pictures and prompts you to adjust your TV's picture until it matches a specific description.

More importantly I'd like to optimize the audio quality. I'd really just like to be able to find anything that helps me test my audio. All I know is that when I'm playing the Last of Us with my headphones it doesn't sound right at all. It's not my headphones, because they usually work perfectly with everything else. So that's why I think the real problem is that my TV's audio settings are really screwing with the sound.( I usually hook my headphones directly into the front of my computer, but since I'm playing a PS3 game I have to plug them into my TV)

My TV only has a handful of audio settings( bass, treble, balance, sound effect, speaker, audio out)

bass/treble/balance - obvious

Sound Effect - this changes the sound drastically. The different options are : Off, Surround, Live, Dance, Techno, Classic, Soft, Rock, Pop. When switching through them the bass/treble/balance options stay the same but the sound changes drastically, I'm not sure exactly what it's doing. The default is Surround but with headphones on the sound is horrible.

Speaker - This only has two options : On and Off. When switched Off the Audio Out option, which is usually greyed, becomes available.

Audio Out - Variable and Fixed. I don't know what either of these do.

Since I have my headphones hooked up to my TV it has to go through my TVs levels and the "Sound Effect" thing which is messing it up... I'd really like to be able to optimize these things outside of the game so if anyone has any advice or links I would really appreciate it.