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Just thought I should balance out the boards a little. :)

The scripting is pretty janky though...

Edit: For the dum-dums:

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Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?

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Not really my type of game. I've mostly been breaking & entering, jacking people's shit.

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It sucks that I love it so much.

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@sparks50 said:

Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?

I have no feedback.

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I've tried it for about two hours, and I strongly prefer Saints Row 3.

And no, I don't need to "give it a chance" or "it gets better later" because I know exactly how the game is, I've played the hell out of Fallout 3 and NV. Its just not my type of setting. And I've always disliked the melee in Bethesda games, which is why I favor Fallout, what with it having guns and all.

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Obvious troll

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The scripting is pretty bad. You'd think with the rest of the amazingness they've crafted, they'd be able to get that down as well, but I guess their priorities where elsewhere. Oh well.

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Pointless thread is pointless.

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Been playing Mario & Luigi RPG lately. What is this Skyrim everyone is talking about?

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Yeah, there isn´t much going on here. If you don´t actually dislike the game, don´t post about it and give no legitimate reasons. This does not promote worthwhile discussion. Locking.