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that is right, it's the year 2013 and i want the future to be here already dammit. Oculus is paving the way for the ultimate FUTURE. Demonstrated by a visionary. He is already working on shaking hands with miku too.

He is using the Unity Engine and a Oculus Rift.

Very sophisticated video game engine being put to it's limits
It's Happening.

Also the end shows how to get the authentic smell of miku.

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Get that creeper cam ready, Jeff!

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Quick Look.

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I'm preparing for AKB1/410, now with sleeping DLC coming in 2016. Technology is a marvelous thing.

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How is it that the Vocaloid fan community can be completely horrifying without at all being sexual in the slightest?

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Man, I have somewhat of an interest in Vocaloid music, but this is not doing their image any favors.

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I hate it when I like things that really creepy people flock to. I never know whether I'd be better served by defending the thing in question or being the mocker-in-chief.

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No one at all thought about combining this with that masturbation handshaking thing. Nope, not at all.

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Seems like the more useful application is some kind of head/body tracking to make an actual girl look to you like Miku. Of course, than an actual girl would have to be part of this living nightmare so... nevermind.

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The future looks SPECTACULAR!

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@bigjeffrey: Isn't that what we should be asking you?

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Pfft. I already have a dakimakura pillow for this purpose. -____-

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What's with the fucking music? Is there a fantasy where Hatsune Miku kills you in your sleep that I don't know about?

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@wjb said:

What's with the fucking music? Is there a fantasy where Hatsune Miku kills you in your sleep that I don't know about?

Those that know about this aren't here because THEY NEVER WOKE UP.

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Japan is, as always, innovating in the most important aspects of our lives.

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That shit better be censored to preserve the purity of Miku.

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Not to imply anything, but somehow I think this belongs here...