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Anyone else been having problems with the downloads being slow for the past day or so? Whenever I go to watch a video in HD, it's fine for the first minute or two, then it slows down to about 100-150kB/s, which is not nearly enough to watch HD without having to wait for it to buffer.
It's not a problem with my connection, as everything else is working just fine.

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Everything runs just fine for me.

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Same problem here. It's definitely something on their end. The site has been sporadically slow for me for about a month now.

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Dude, you totally have to use extra-fast-ultra-ZYxDownloader. It's da best!!!!1!!1

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Same here. I'm downloading automatically from the RSS and for the last two weeks some downloads have crept as low as 30 KB/sec. No change on my end...

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It gets me too at random times. Going down to 130KB/s where its normally 1.3MB/s or so.

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Same here. It's fine here in good ol' Europe until you lot over in the states get up in the morning. Maybe servers are overworked or something?