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I've been looking for some multiplayer games that are little more slower paced.

Something in the vain of The Last of Us multiplayer or Neotokyo. Any suggestions?

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Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm

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Do either need a powerful PC to run without any issues?

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Red Orchestea 2/ Rising Storm is definitely something to check out. It's incredibly slow and almost always tense. The problem lies in how hard it is for new players to join in considering you usually die without knowing how or where the bullet came from. Once you get past that curve though if you get with a good group the game is extremely satisfying.

I also think Battlefield is a more tactical game than people give it credit for. It is still relatively fast paced but if you don't want to die 10 times in a row moving slowing and thinking about your moves can save you a lot of deaths

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Something quite different but which fits with your basic criteria could be Frozen Synapse?

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...if you play with people that are good of course. I think any game that has like 5v5 (or something in that vain) with a round based life system is always more tactical. And they are always my favorite types of games. Counter-Strike, Last of Us, Gears of War... loved all of those. Never touch the modes where you can respawn in a round.

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Do either need a powerful PC to run without any issues?

I have a gtx 570 1gb and I5 2500k and can easily run both at high settings if that helps?

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@fisk0: Frozen Synapse seems interesting, i may check it out. Do you reckon there is still an active community for it?

I did used to play counter strike and i have played a fair share of battlefield 3. Both do hold up to having a tense atmosphere, maybe a re-visit would be in order.

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@handlas: Yeah, CS is at it's best when you're trying to stay alive while also bringing the heat rather than just running around trading deaths for kills. That's fun sometimes too, but the real thrill for me was always those tense down to the last few seconds matches. Biding your time, coordinating across the map, carefully pushing the battle forward, relying on support from other players (and actually getting it). Good times.

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I can also recommend Insurgency. It is heavy on the realism, very tactical but still allows for high risk/reward gameplay. Much like America's Army Ops 2 if you ever played that.

The gun is not always aimed at the center of your screen in Insurgency, it moves around according to your mouse movement which, for once, makes laser sights actually worth the trouble.. I find that very refreshing.

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@scrappypixels: Not sure actually. Haven't played it in quite a while, but there seems to be activity in it's Steam Community Hub (and none of them seem to be "this game is dead" threads, which you often see in indie multiplayer game forums): http://steamcommunity.com/app/98200/discussions/

I also have a spare copy of Interstellar Marines if you want it. It's still in early access and kinda limited right now, but when I played it a couple of days ago it seemed to be pretty functional at this point (though there are only two weapons in the game at the moment, to my knowledge), and it's intended to be some kind of sci-fi take on Rainbow Six. It was one of those overly ambitious kickstarter campaigns which didn't reach it's funding goal a couple of years ago, but through Early Access they seem to slowly be building a competent game.

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I remember playing the original America's Army and it'd take upwards of 20 minutes to get across a not very long bridge. Some really tense games from that. I've no idea what that game is like now though.

Edit: What about ARMA?

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@fisk0: That's always good news. I might jump on it this weekend and get in a few matches before it gets quiet.

If you're not gonna use it man? It would be much appreciated.I've got a lot of free copies of Dead Island Epidemics MOBA thingy if you want one of those for some reason? Not really a fair trade but hah!