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Having kids is a terrifying proposition, to me, so I am really happy when awesome and responsible geeks go for it. Since I didn't see a thread for this, already, I thought maybe it would be appropriate to celebrate Dave's life-changing day, here. HURRAH!


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Hardcore Veronica Jane!

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Congrats Duder! That looks like a man who is ready for action.

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Oh, very cool! Congratulations, Dave!

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Congrats Dave!

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Fatherhood: Not just for Vinny anymore.

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Congratulations! That is awesome.

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thats a tiny baby! or maybe dave has huge hands? i dunno!

but cool dude! thats awesome

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Hurray! Congrats to him! I'm sure he'll make a great father.

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I think I'm more happy for Dave having a baby than when some of my relatives have gotten a babies.

Congrats duder! You seem like you'd be a great father!

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So when is the " Baby Bombcast"

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Fatherhood: Not just for Vinny anymore.

This seems like the type of thing you Photoshop into a perfume ad. Do I have a new obsession?

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Her first words will be "Dave, site's down."

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And now it begins.

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oh man congrats! @snide

Dave's old beard would be proud

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Congrats, Dave!

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I love how he is wearing a Star Wars shirt, also, now that Dave will only get 3 hours of sleep a night, perhaps he will finally get to sleep at night.

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Duder, it's just beginning!

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congrats, Dave!

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Having kids is one of the most gratifying, rewarding things you can experience. I'm glad to see Dave so happy.

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Congratulations Dave!

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At what point will the baby be wearing a wifebeater?

Also, congrats Dave!

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Congrats Dave, you'll be a great father. :)

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congrats Dave!

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Awesome news.

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Someone send him a tiny white tank top/wifebeater ASAP. Congratulations @snide!

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Yaaaay ! Congrats Dave !

Brad, you're next.

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Congrats duder.

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Congrats, Dave!

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Veronica Jane Snider. That's one of those names where you know what that kid is going to be when they grow up. Her options: super hero, secret agent, author/artist, mean first grade teacher. Congratulations! My next drink is for her!

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Congrats Dave!

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Nice. Congrats! :D

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Congrats man. I think Veronica Zardoz Snider has a better ring to it but what would I know?

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Congratulations duder!

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Congrats Dave, good luck, have... baby.

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I guess it looks cool but I bet that baby's forums are a mess and its image submission works only intermittently.

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@runcrash said:

I was going to make a joke about that earlier, so I'm glad Ryan beat me to it, himself. :D

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Congrats, Dave, wish your new family all the best.

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Congratulations to the definitive Duder.

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Congrats Dave!!!!

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Papa Dave! Well done!

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Awesome, congrats Dave.

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Holy shit she is so tiny and adorable. Congrats Dave!