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Man, I am loving this thing, but who here wishes they would be putting them out AT LEAST every other day. I suppose there is the chance that could still happen since Dan left mid week last week, but It's just so good! I do also want Drew to avoid burning out because I need him to get to 4! In any case, how are you guys handling the spaces between the eps?

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It's fine, when they post it's a surprise.

If we want them to keep going through the series, let them pace themselves.

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Drew seems a bit agitated by the game in general, so I'd say slowing the dosage down until he's acclimated isn't the worst thing, since I would love to see them get through the whole series together. At the same time, I'm a sucker for MGS stuff, so more wouldn't be terrible.

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We already have a "Drew and Dan are playing Metal Gear" thread. Just use that as your thread for suggestions and opinions about the ongoing series.

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