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I remember hearing a year ago that West and Zampella were still locked in a legal battle against Activision for their royalties on MW2 and it was draining their money for studio projects. Was it two or three years ago that they went on stage at the Microsoft press conference at E3 to say they were working on a new project?

So anyways has there been any news on anything lately? Cause there seems to be not much out there.

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Respawn is working on a game for EA, that is really all we know, I think their was a piece of concept art or something shown half a year ago - but it didn't really reveal anything about the game.

I guess they could maybe show the game at this E3, or at least a trailer, unless the legal issues with Activision puts a halt to it.

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That blurry image is still blurry!

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It's a little funny that Respawn was supposed to, according to rumors anyway, make some futuristic shooter and now Black Ops 2 takes place in the near-future. Best of luck to those guys though, I wonder how much different their game will be now that they have the relative creative freedom to do as they wish. (as long as it sells)

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Legal trial is set for may 23.

I doubt you'll hear anything from respawn until they settle or a judge order.