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http://www.ccpgames.com/skywardsphere They actually launched off just under an hour ago. It was quite funny and underwhelming. What do you guys think might be the next EVE/CCP shenanigan? What shenanigans do you expect within the World of Darkness universe, after it finally ships off under CCP? Do you think WoD will be better off or worse for it?

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If WoD is actually somewhat fun to play mechanically then it's already won in my book.

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Here's a link to a short coverage by Icelandic news on the launch. No subtitles, sadly. Just know that when they say what sounds like 'semen' it's actually 'Síminn', a large phone company here in Iceland which sponsored the project.

And the kick-ass song playing in the background is Trucker's Delight by Flairs. I'll only link the video here, rather than post it, due to the hilariously NSFW video gameiness of it. http://youtu.be/egcXvqiho4w