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Alright here's the deal -i have never finished either of the ps2 God Of War games, in fact the only one i completed was the psp game - chains of olympus. 
 I have the God of war trilogy ultimate collection thingy majiggy on preorder - but as the release date approaches i realised something - im going to have trouble deciding which to play first. 
 It isn't a case of understanding the story (i've read up on the stories so far on wikipedia) i'm more concerned with the fact that if i started playing God of War 3 - it would be hard to play the other games, as they wouldnt be as technically or visually impressive. 
However at the same time i don't know how long i could avoid playing god of war 3, and would probably rush my time with the first two -just to get to the gow3 goodness.  
On top of that  - i've had 3 games this year spoiled by someone creating a thread on the forums with the spoiler in the title - e.g 
"XXXXXXXXXXX Is the origami killer" 
etc. - this has happened with ff13, mass effect 2 and Heavy rain 
While the story is not that big of a deal in God Of war 3 for me, i dont want to be going into it having had a week or twos exposure to the internets thoughts on it. 
So Bombers, whaddya think a brother should do in this situation?!

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I'd say you're good to go hitting number three first.
The first two are still great action titles, and will be hellafun when you eventually have time to play them.
You already seem to know that if you hold off on three, it'll be spoiled all to hell by the time you get to play it.
Get stuck in, son.

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I still go back to the first two GoW games... superb art direction makes any game worthy to look at... the gameplay in all three is the exact same, so that's not a problem.

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I'd play through the first 2 myself. You might be able to blow through them pretty quickly if you dedicate yourself to it and you can just avoid the forums for a week or two. It'll make you appreciate how much they've ramped up the scale and all the other tweaks.
EDIT: It would also be a waste paying a silly amount for the big expensive box if you're not gonna play them.

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I feel you man, I had Heavy Rain spoiled for me and I am still pissed off, my advice if you want it play it because from what I heard the endings kinda controversial (MGS4 kinda way which worries me.)

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I'm in a similar boat...I'm looking for a ps3 slim in large part based on my desire to play God of War III.  I've got the 1&2 collection ready to rent from gamefly as soon as I can locate a console.  I decided to play them through in order, so the story is more meaningful and I can better appreciate the changes in the series.

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Just play the first two games first, thats what im doing.

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I feel that the GoW series has aged pretty well, only playing the first two games and the PSP game only two years ago.  GoW 1&2's graphics rely more on its art direction rather than textures and polygon counts to be impressive.  As for gameplay, not much has changed from the first GoW1 to the demo I played of GoW3.
I still think the best thing to do is play the series in chronological order.  If you can't do a gaming website blackout until you finish the whole series, then maybe just going straight to three would be the best option.

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@Yukoei said:
" Just play the first two games first, thats what im doing. "
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Flip a coin so you can only blame yourself.

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u can blow thru the first game in 5-6 hours or less.  playing 2 to setup 3 makes the most sense to me since it picks up right where 2 leaves off.  2 will run u 7-8 hours (or less) u could play thru it in 1 sitting and then get started on 3 quickly and u only have to avoid the forums for half a day or so

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I'm recently finished the first one for the first time, and I've just started working on the second.
They're both superb and though I think it may be fine to dive right into the third, I'd be worried that going backwards will leave the older one's feeling, well, old in comparison.

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It took me about a week to finish the first two when I played them last year. Totally worth it, and as you stated going from GoW III to GoW would be a pretty hard transition.
So I would say stay away from the forums for a bit until you get them done. So that nothing will get spoiled for you.