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I would say SSX since it seems like the online was a big part of it. From what I hear it's pretty dead now.

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All of these games I've wanted to pick up when they were on sale, and luckily newegg was doing such a thing. But I have heard mixed things on most of these, other than Vinny's love for Binary Domain and need to experience Big Bo for myself. And the last time I played a Hitman game was when I was younger and I don't have the real fond memories everyone else had of it.

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@laserbolts: I don't remember any ads for that game on tv at all.

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Binary Domain is the best of the bunch.

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I was disappointed by hitman big time...the costume thing and the wired checkpoint thing...so bummed:(

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Really if Binary Domain is as good as 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand that would be good for me.

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@Serpentenema: It's even better!

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SSX, that game had so much potential to be a great reboot to the series... and I'm not sure what the hell happened... I liked Absolution, maybe it's because it was my first Hitman game, but I don't see it as the awful piece of garbage everybody else says it is. As for Binary Domain, I've never played it but Big Bo seems to be an awesome character.

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@Miketakon said:

@Serpentenema: It's even better!

"OH SHIT!"-Tony Yayo

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SSX. I bought it on launch. Played single player for a few hours. Got wrapped up in some other games. Came back to it for some multiplayer about three months later . . . dead as fuck. Which makes no sense, since it was a pretty good game and everyone praised it and apparently had a blast with it. Such is the life of the modern $65 "play it for a week and the world moves on to something else" game.

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The only reason to be frustrated with SSX is that most of the online will most likely be dead by now. It still plays great and is a ton of fun in general.

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Hitman is a stealth game, you should have a certain amount acceptance and patience for it before coming to it.

Binary Domain is just fine.

SSX however I found infuriating you'd fall down pits or get flipped round and lots of bullshit. Just dosnt make it feel fun.

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I had a bunch of problems with SSX, and mostly missed the online ship. I think I paid $10 or so for it when Best Buy had it on sale and it still felt like too much. I loved the way the single player was presented, but the actual playing never hooked me.