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It's an LED tv, and the screen got a very small but noticeable cut in it from being banged against a mirror. It damaged the actual picture when the tv was on. I don't know much about tv's but my question to you guys is, can you fix something like this or will they have to replace the whole screen?.

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You just haven't said enough information really... is it just distorted at the place where the crack was made? Is there any picture at all or is it scrambled or something? Also even if you did answer that I have no idea but I know your best case scenario is that you only damaged the filter/glass and not the hardware itself.

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Elves will replace the individuals pixels damaged by the accident. Actually, they'll just replace the display panel. It's a fairly simple process given the proper tools.

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@VisariLoyalist: It was distorted where the crack was, like I said it was only very small but it actually pierced the TV screen.

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@VisariLoyalist: It was distorted where the crack was, like I said it was only very small but it actually pierced the TV screen.

so yeah I would say you are in a better situation than if say, there was no power or if the image was totally wrong (with some sort of digitally looking distortion denoting damage to the electronics causing a bad render), so I would check with somebody who says they repair these things. If they could fix it they would probably replace the glass and light filter. If your case is damaged they would probably have to replace that also. The problem is everything is modular and it could get very expensive. Try to get a quote from anyone who offers to repair it and consider just buying a new T.V. based on how much that costs. It's likely the damage can be fixed permanently though no damage to the core machine (these TV's are more or less big computers so if that part isn't broken you are mostly good is what I am getting at)

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@Toxeia: forgive my stupidity when you say they will replace the panel do the mean the screen?

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I Got accidental damage cover when I bought the tv so I don't have to pay for it

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I Got accidental damage cover when I bought the tv so I don't have to pay for it

then good just go see if they will repair or replace it. If your question was just should you be worried they won't be able to fix it again I just think you have a good chance is all

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I have a purple bar going down my HDTV that shows up occasionally.

It's pretty old at this point and I was thinking about just buying a Panasonic plasma, when Brad and Ryan a few months ago said they bought the same one I took it as a sign. Now I just wait until I have a grand laying around...

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@pompouspizza: Yes, sorry. They'll remove the actual LCD display (the part that filters out light to create images) and replace that. Or at least they will at some point. They'll either do it and send it back to you, or give you a new set entirely and sell your old one as refurbished. I guess it depends on whether the set is still in production/sale.

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It depends on the cost of the repair versus the cost of a replacement. It depends on the terms of the plan.

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Well I only bought the tv less than a month ago, but at least the terms of my plan are that if they can't fix it I will get a new one. It's scheduled to come back on the 17th, so until then I'm stuck with a shitty 19 inch. Ah well it's not the end of the world.

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i have a samsung 46" LCD which developed a blotch of dead pixels in the top right hand corner of the screen and they had to replace the whole panel for that.

took them fucking ages.

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So this was the TV that you bought a month ago. 
Anyways, nothing to worry about, not in this thread or the two(at least) others.  
As you said, not the end of the world, all should be fine