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I was on Reddit earlier today when I saw a video entitled, "A dull YouTube pronunciation guide is turning into something extremely creepy." Well, me being the extreme nerd that I am, I IMMEDIATELY heard the voice and said, "THAT'S GREG KASAVIN!!!" My question to you is, what do you think? I am about 95% sure, but as with anything, there is room for error.

I posted within the comments about it and stated my opinion, and I even posted a link of an interview with Greg for comparison. My Reddit username is Donttrustthechef, and I am hoping to get somewhere with this and uncover more. I kinda hope it is him. I'm curious to know more.

Thanks Duders!

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I get why you'd think so, but listening to more I doubt it. It's similar in some ways, but dissimilar enough in others that I don't think it's him.

Listen to 57, 60, and 74.

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You would get why I think so though, yeah?

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I'm right there with you, when I heard about that page and listened to it my first thought was "Is that...Greg?"

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Eh, i dont think it sounds exactly like him, it sounds a bit lower then him. But the weird double meanings to all of this is cool.

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So I've been thinking about this for a while -- never cared to look into it -- but is pronunciationbook supposed to pronounce most words wrong as a joke to fuck with people, or do people really just not know how to properly pronounce certain words? I'm assuming the latter?

Don't know much about the channel.

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Something is going to happen every single day......

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They have similar voices but that's not him.

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Its greg kasavin alright.

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