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I got 800 points free when I bought Gears 3 and am considering changing my tag it's currently Starkiller189 as I love Star Wars but then the force unleashed came out so now it just reminds me of that was trying to think of another name annoyed because both the incredibly nerdy names of Wampa Stompa and Han Sulu are taken

don't get me wrong the name does not necessary have to be associated with star wars those were just names that amused me any suggestions from my fellow bombers would be appreciated

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@GBH: xXxsn1p3rxXx3600
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surprisingly both of these seem to be taken ;-)

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@GBH    TheTurtleTeaser
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Something about weed.

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actually, nevermind i want that one

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master chief

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@GBH: How about GHB so your dates don't care if you're a gamer?

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Hunger Chef HD

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I have plenty of nicknames ideas.

  • stinky beer farts
  • omfggtforofl
  • n00b5t34k
  • Alien VS Dialup
  • The 80s Called
  • Eat a Cog
  • Justin Keebler
  • Dan Blather
  • Eidsel Poindexter
  • Schrodinger's Clap
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That's Starkiller189 backwards!

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You could try using the gamertag generator to come up with one. also its probably a good idea to read the code of conduct before changing your gamertag so you don't run into any problems with XBLPET.

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15 character limit, people. Most of these ideas won't work.

I have a great one that isn't taken, but I'm saving that for when my name is reported too many times (that's XBL griefing for you).

If you're looking for something I thought up just now and isn't taken, then:

ctrl alt kill

Not too bad for something I thought up while writing those last three sentences.

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Call of Dutypants

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My Xbox nickname was so simple: xboxnickname. No one can report it or make fun of it.

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Social List. :D

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To be fair, it's probably already taken.

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@GBH: PunishCane... I've been thinking about this name the whole week and I think you're destined to wear it. I'd like to think it's the alias of a guy named Cane Wilson who become PunishCane at night. Pretty awesome... and stupid.

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True story. No shit.

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@Jmangino: ah i love love love this will destroy you

/pointless post

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I like how widespread the use of "420" in usernames/gamertags is. Makes it really easy to spot douchebags!

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Just pick a random generated gamertag and then add as many x's as you can and try to fit in 420.

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I was loaded up the gamertag generator and it gave "Faceless Caesar" as an option and I had to grab it.

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Name Generated

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Colonel Rick!

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Dr. Pooper. Eh? EH?

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@drag said:

@Jmangino: ah i love love love this will destroy you

/pointless post

They are 100% life changing.

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Piggikins. Or Tangential Teakettle. I like that one more actually.

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Penis Jones

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Racial Epithet

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