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So far I've bought...

-Rayman Run

-Oh! Cube (it's a Picross 3D clone that's pretty good)

-Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space


-Lunar Silver Star Story

-Final Fantasy 3


-Game Dev. Story

-Beneath a Steel Sky

-Chaos Rings


So what else should I think about getting?

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Facebook? Now that I think about it I only ever heard of about 3 of those you listed so I probably shouldn't have commented at all.

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I shit you not, it's there, I bought it, then my iPod Touch broke.

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Tiny Wings, Groove Coaster, Puzzle Agent (if you haven't played it elsewhere). But those you have will last you for a while.

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@laserbolts said:

Facebook? Now that I think about it I only ever heard of about 3 of those you listed so I probably shouldn't have commented at all.

No one wins at the Facebook game.

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Infinity Blade II

Where's My Water?

Hero Academy

Jetpack Joyride

Super Crate Box

Those are all good. I liked Hero Academy a lot... good multiplayer game.

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Doom RPG & Wolfenstein RPG

Sword of Fargoal

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Groove Coaster

Alter Ego

...and every Jeff Minter game on the device!

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Trade it in for a Galaxy S3. But seriously Jetpack Joyride is all you need, forever.

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Super Crate Box just came out a day or two ago, it's pretty fun in small chunks.

I happened to get it for free because it was on sale the first day it released, so I'm not sure how much it costs.

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@Imsorrymsjackson said:

Trade it in for a Galaxy S3. But seriously Jetpack Joyride is all you need, forever.

Or Monster Dash. Basically Jetpack Joyride - jetpack + monsters. I think I may actually prefer it. Same devs (Halfbrick).

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Well I have Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, War of Eustrath, Ticket to Ride, McPixel and Ghost Trick. War of Eustrath is kind've a Fire Emblem esque strategy RPG that's alright... Although the story and dialogue... Well, how bout I just show you some:

Bah... Didn't post all the ones I meant to.

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Plague inc.

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Ghost Trick

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Cut the Rope!

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Bejeweled. A classic, and has some fun game modes. Also Super Monsters Ate my Condo

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10000000! it's highly addictive!

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Fart Cat!

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You've already got Super Hexagon. That's all you need.

I'm pretty sure it's the perfect mobile game.

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Holy Shit! I had no idea Lunar SSS was on iPhone! That's one of my all time favorite games.

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@handlas said:

Infinity Blade II

Jetpack Joyride

These. Especially the latter, as it's free. Also Ghost Trick if you're a fan of the Phoenix Wright games.

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the Kairosoft 'Story' games are great.

Game Dev Story and Grand Prix Story are my favorites.

also check out

Space Invaders:Infinity Gene

Broken Sword 1 and 2

Secret of Monkey Island



Plants Vs Zombies

Dragons Lair/Space Ace

Field Runners

Slice It


Chu Chu Rocket

Puzzle Quest

Suoer Mega Worm

that what i have installed right now anyway

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Dungeon Raid, trust me.

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The Last Rocket, Gauge, Fieldrunners 2, Super Crate Box, Super Hexagon, Eliss, Lost Cities and Letterpress are my favourites right now.

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You have to get Cool Pizza. It is free and it is RAD AS HELL.

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I recommend Free App-o-Day as an app.

I like it but I stopped paying attention to it for a while.

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The iOS versions of the Phoenix Wright are pretty good, if you haven't played them before.

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Code Runner is an FMV spy game that has you run around your real-world city and hack into ATMs and shit to expose corrupt politicians and fight terrorist organizations. It's absolutely the best fucking game on iPhone this year. It's so goddamned awesome. Do not miss Code Runner if you own an iPhone. It's too important to fail.

Similarly, people love the "Zombies, Run!" app, although I haven't really gotten to play around with it yet. Generally speaking, Polygon.com has done a great job highlighting iOS games on their podcast, Besties. (yes, it's on iTunes)

As far as the Kairosoft games, they actually all have one of four or five "subgenres" that are pretty noticeable. Be careful when buying those games to buy the ones more similar to what you already like; for example, Epic Astro Story and Dungeon Village are basically the same game, only EA Story is basically a more complex DV, and Cafe Nipponica is the good version of Hot Springs Story. Pocket League Story is probably most similar to Grand Prix Story, and it's my second-favorite version of their style, right after Game Dev Story.

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Beat Sneak Bandit

Seriously, play this game.

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Deus Ex Human Revolution. It's available on all 3 HD platforms.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: The only game you need on an iPhone is Words With Friends. Game Dev Story, Jetpack Joyride, and the Infinity Blade games are pretty awesome as well but seriously, WWF is all you need.

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King of Dragon Pass

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Battleheart: A real time strategy game which is amazing

Bang!: The spaghetti western card game

Helsing's fire: Amazing light based puzzle game

X-men: The Classic 1992 Arcade game

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@NekuCTR said:

Plague inc.

This. Utterly brilliant mobile game.

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What no drop7 love? Years later I still come back to it. I think its free now, so there is no excuse.

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superbrothers swords and sorcery is pretty fun. check out the quicklook first.

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dead space

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Silver Star Story is on the App Store? There goes $5 more.

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@handlas: Hero Academy is amazing!

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If you like puzzley kinds of games, I can't recommend Where's My Water enough. Osmos is a cool game, but I don't know if I really like it on a phone. Maybe it's not an issue if it's the only version you've played, but I feel like the screen size and lack of precision of a small touch screen (compared to a mouse and a monitor) can become an issue on some levels. The same applies to World of Goo. The Kairosoft games are generally pretty good time wasters, although they all tend to boil down to just minor variations on a small handful of mechanics.

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Tiny Planes

All the Telltale games they've put up (Choose your favorite! mine's Puzzle Agent!)

...... TWEWY

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i love the random games you find just browsing the store.

last night before i went to bed i found one called CD30. all it is is you have to touch 30 to 1 in 30 seconds, the order randomises each time. it was free and kept me amused for 30 mins

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Devil's Advocate. It's got great character, style and pretty fun turn based courtroom action.

Blueprint3D is a fun little puzzle game.

Beat it! is a nice music game.

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I buy so many iOS games and never actually play them. Don't fall into the same trap!

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Fart Cat!