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This thought popped into my head while watching commercials for Dreamworks "Turbo". Movie looks dumb, but the commercials are prolific. That got me thinking about the last time I saw a commercial for a game and the only thing that came to mind was Bioshock Infinite, and before that, I have no memory of seeing an ad for a game on TV. Why aren't there more commercials for video games? Does it cost more to make a movie than it does to make a game? Do games just cost too much to produce and return too little profit?

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I saw a bunch for Bioshock. A bunch for Last of Us as well. They play a lot during WWE Raw.

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See I never watch wrestling. Maybe that's the problem.

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I dunno about where you live but I see commercials for games all the time. Tons for The Last of Us and an insane amount of 3DS ones. I even saw a Sony PS3 advert the other day promoting TLOU, Splinter Cell and Beyond.

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They have different marketing strategies.

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I see them from time to time over at Finland, though admittedly almost all of them have been for PS3. 'ts just too bad, that they aren't as awesome as the PS2 ones were, even if they usually at least try something different than just gameplay videos with some hip song playing on the background.

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In England they have them from time to time. I don't watch T.V. much, but I saw loads for The Last of Us on Channel 4 and ITV1, sort of the big commercial channels over here. There's occasionally some for the 3DS. Now that I think about it there's usually one for every 'big' game, I remember seeing ones for Tomb Raider, but I could be just misremembering

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Why aren't there more commercials for video games?

Because unlike Turbo, they're good.

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Well obviously the answer to all this is that I watch the wrong channels. Makes sense for the game industry to focus third ad strategy on key programs. Actually that's probably the strategy for all forms of advertising.

Well now this topic seems kind of dumb. Sorry guys.

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You can never have enough Turbo.

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There were those ME2 ads that would run during football.

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We used to get a ton of ads in the UK for the Wii and DS, but for some reason Nintendo decided to barely do any marketing for the WiiU and the 3DS over here. Probably a good reason why I know almost nobody in my area who owns either.