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#51 Posted by MisterMouse (3601 posts) -

well you cant say that until you watch the other two because they could be just as bad as the 360 press conference!

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#52 Posted by ToadRunner (279 posts) -

The 3DS is going to amazing!
I fucking hate 3d, but on a handheld it makes perfect sense.
No glasses, good software support, easy viewing angles, and it could actually make some portable games cooler.
It would basically look like a little hologram thing

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#53 Posted by ManlyBeast (1232 posts) -

All thanks to Nintendo... -_-

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#54 Posted by trophyhunter (6038 posts) -

The EA conference is already 100000000000000000 times better

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#55 Posted by TheHBK (5670 posts) -

The ESPN thing was pretty awesome but they had no major game announcements.  Everyone is anticipating Nintendo's Press Conference because will see the 3DS there.  Microsoft had to show a new game, something big for the first time and they didn't.  I mean, what could they show? There are no really big Xbox Only franchises that have not already been shown.  Mainly Gears and Halo. 
Thinking they might have gotten away with something if they announced Crysis 2 for the PC and 360 only, or a new platform where getting games on the 360 lets you get them on the PC.  Like the steam play thing for Mac and PC. 
For Nintendo, Zelda and the 3ds is what I look forward to. 
Sony, Move Pricing, not much else, games from the Wii but with better graphics.  Though i expect more on the games front.  Fuck Killzone 3.  Fuck Rico.  I want to see Uncharted 3 announced, Twisted Metal 4 (black was the real 3) and Gran Turismo's Launch date announced as February 2011.  For $130.  Because they have to make up the money they wasted somehow right?
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#56 Posted by FireBurger (1567 posts) -
@SJSchmidt93 said:
" Well, you can't have two winners. Sony will probably be the best.
ESPN was cool, MGSR was fucking awesome, and that's about it.
@Jimbo said:

Bad Script Reading Sisters (almost unbearable) "

Yes, I wanted to change the channel. "
I literally plugged my ears when they started talking about The Last Air Bender and gamerscore. It was too embarrassing.
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#57 Posted by SSully (5259 posts) -

Metal Gear Rising was easily the best part. Everything else was expected. Reach, cool but nothing we didnt know or havent seen. Gears 3, same old same old. Then kinect. I agree if nitendo shows zelda gameplay they will beat microsoft. If sony announces at least 1 brand new game or show more of last guardian they will beat microsoft. 

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#58 Posted by Arestice (478 posts) -
@ToadRunner said:
" The 3DS is going to amazing!  I fucking hate 3d, but on a handheld it makes perfect sense.  No glasses, good software support, easy viewing angles, and it could actually make some portable games cooler.  It would basically look like a little hologram thing "
3D tvs, bro.
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#59 Posted by Walheimat (50 posts) -

I know what Microsoft would think, if they cared to visit forums such as this:  »Let the dead bury their own dead.« These shows were never intended for the cynical, but for the people who made the prior that way. Chances are they're gonna succeed. The happy people actors were sloppily faking on stage: they actually exist. They have couches, buy food, consume and produce trash. This is not going to flop with them and their imported tiger cuddling kids.

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#60 Posted by bhhawks78 (1328 posts) -

Halo reach  Fable three gears three MGS rising, Kinect actually having potential instead of 100% shit, what is your problem OP?  They had a ton of good shit.

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#61 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2831 posts) -

Nintendo- New Zelda game, i would literally fucken scream with hype.
Sony- PS3 Jak and Daxter game, Pretty Please Naughty Dog?

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#62 Posted by Iceman2913 (542 posts) -

I hope the new zelda isn't as boring though but yeah
I am hyped for Nintendo and Sony I both there consoles
I heard that there will be a sly cooper collection like god of war

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#63 Posted by drakesfortune (345 posts) -

The sisters were sooooo hard to watch.  It was so bad.  Compare the little Kinectimals girl, who was a NATURAL up there, to those two sisters.  I was genuinely impressed by that little girl's bravery, acting skills, and self confidence.  Kinectimals was atrocious.  My 4 year old daughter thought it was awesome though.  Mission accomplished.
I'm a huge MGS fan, and seeing Raiden, with his mother fucking...oooooh MOTHER FUCKING, ATROCIOUS hair.  Seriously.  I like my men to look like men, and my women to look like women.  It's cool if you like men looking like girls with bad midwestern hairdo's.  I have no problem with you.  That's your call, you're free to make it.  Me?  I like SNAKE.  Solid, f'n Snake, with a dude's hairdo, a manly voice, and a gun.  Raiden STILL sucks.  Yeah, he made some headway in MGS4, but not much.  He's lost all the goodwill he built up from MGS4 with me, by having that ridiculously stupid, midwestern, ladies hairdo.  Japan...STOP IT WITH THE GIRLY hair on dudes!  STOP IT!!!  I just can't stand it anymore.