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I've been waiting to watch this for a while now, but I can't find it anywhere. Did they just say "fuck it" and not upload it?

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Relax for goodness sakes

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Relax for goodness sakes

He's not saying anything outrageous or DEMANDING the video. He's just saying, why no video?

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Just looked for it on YouTube. Seems like they have uploaded it. Keen to watch.

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@GreggD i think you need to relax

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@face15: Well now I just feel dumb. I looked on youtube and didn't see anything. Thanks!

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@sgtpierceface: I just searched Dice 2013 JJ and it came up. It's a pretty interesting talk. Hopefully something actually comes of the Valve/Bad Robot collaboration.

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@face15: Yea, I'm not sure about Portal, but a Half-Life movie could be really awesome.