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My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic....

It's racked up over $3k in donations already. I thought that was pretty awesome. I mean, sure its kind of dumb...its pretty dumb. But the fact that someone took the time to make an interesting and professional looking fighting game out of My Little Ponies, is pretty awesome. And kinda dumb. Meanwhile Capcom Vs. SNK 2 is only t 60 bucks...

Has anyone played it? Is it any good?

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It's no "Django Unchained", that's for sure.

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The devs are protesting its use, since it is far from being complete. It is buggy and unbalanced, so they don't think it's a great idea to have it on stage at evo.

Bronies won't mind if Mane6 turns down Evo's offer, they tend to donate to charity causes frequently anyways.

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First bronies in my Tf2, now bronies in my fighting games? Shit, why do they have to be shoehorned in everywhere?

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kids these days....

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Fighting game characters should have arms.

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"Fighting is Magic"?

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God. fucking. dammit.