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New Vegas....again.

#102 Posted by Hunter5024 (6445 posts) -

Chrono Cross and Persona 4 Arena. I always need a handheld game for work and theres some stuff I've been meaning to write about CC so I'm about 80% of the way through that. Persona 4 Arena I'm sort of crawling through because theres so much story. I've beaten it with Chie, Yu, Yosuke, Yukiko, and Kanji.

#103 Posted by Meltac (2001 posts) -

Jumping between Just Cause 2 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations right now.

#104 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1044 posts) -

Only singleplayer game I'm currently focusing on is Tales of Vesperia.

#105 Posted by fuzzypumpkin (418 posts) -

Nothing, because I'm always working and going to school. FUCKIN LAME. Valkyria Chronicles is what I play when I have time though.

#106 Posted by Phr4nk0 (363 posts) -

Right now I'm trying to empty out my XBLA backlog and have been trying for months. I've bought a whole bunch of the DotW items and they've piled up.

At this very moment I'm grinding through Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone. Man I'm not impressed with this game, if you ever play it (which I don't really recommend) don't have anything downloading in the background. If the download finishes and you're midway through the level your progress gets wiped. I lost over 5 hours of grinding stats in the blink of an eye.

If anyone has it and wants to run through the game in multiplayer for the Epic Run achievement give me a yell, I'm looking for people. Hmm looking at those achievements it seems not even one person has half of them. Maybe I'll be the first, yay?

#107 Posted by 49th (3128 posts) -

MGS 3. I just beat MGS 2 and I finally understand how to play those games properly.

#108 Posted by lazyturtle (1301 posts) -

I'm playing Dead Island, Borderlands and SPAZ.

#109 Posted by VaddixBell (275 posts) -

Playing through Persona 3 FES, Tactics Ogre (PSP) and MGS4.

I also end up playing some career mode on FIFA at points but I don't see why I'm doing that.

#110 Posted by dabe (302 posts) -

The Walking Dead Ep. 2. On the fence, though the characterisation is top notch (in Video Game/Comic/TV terms at least).

Pro Cycling Manager 2012. Though I've come to believe Bradley Wiggins may very well be a massive drug cheat, I'm trying to win the Tour de France with him then the Vuelta a Espana with Froome (something looking unlikely in real life).

Crusader Kings II - Orsulf of Northumberland, seeing if I can unite with William the Bastard/Conqueror and tag-team King Harald. Also, I'm from Newcastle...so it's geographically significant to be this guy.

Catherine - Slowly creeping through it, barely touched a console the last few months, been busy with work/play. I appreciate the set-up so far.

Recently completed Portal 2 & Deus Ex: Human Revolution also. First is mechanically sound but too self-aware for its own good. Latter is great, though the shooting and over empowerement of some augments can grate.

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HD version of the original Ratchet and Clank, with a little Battlefield 3 thrown in for good measure.

#113 Edited by Franstone (1241 posts) -

Got back into Skyrim the past couple weeks, haven't touched it in a while, was distracted by other games.


Will be playing more Battlefield since I just got Premium, so I'll try Close Quarters as I wait for Armored Kill.

Lil Diablo III here and there I'm sure but I've only played once in the past couple weeks.

Jumped into some Starcraft 2 the past couple weekends against AI just to switch it up, been a while.

Throw in a random flight sim and some Left for Dead 2.

Keep jumping around between these at the moment.

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I'm playing Persona 4 Area and Pokemon White

#115 Posted by cannedstingray (445 posts) -

Currently, right now? Well I'm still in seattle, so I've been playing some ghost trick on the iPad, and gravity rush on the vita. Before I left, I was, and will be when I get home, playing Dark Souls pc, Darksiders 2, and Sleeping Dogs. All three are fantastic games... On a side note, I played the Far Cry 3 demo at least 3 times at PAX, and am super stoked to play when it comes out.. I know there were some concerns about how much open world gameplay there would be, and judging from the demo, it will be as open as the other Far Cry games were, driving was kinda squirrelly, but the shooting felt great, and this time there are animals who will attack you. After you kill them, you can skin em too..

#116 Posted by rockyhorrorgerri (402 posts) -

Between Dragon Age Origins, Shadows of the Damned, Half life 2 and Rise of Nightmares

#117 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Jelly Boy. Already, I have a joke for it that involves turning the box art into a rap album cover.

#118 Posted by IzzyGraze (869 posts) -
#119 Posted by lead_farmer (1076 posts) -

Lone Survivor, The Walking Dead, P4 Arena, and Dragon's Dogma when I feel like getting thrown around by a dragon.@VaddixBell said:

Playing through Persona 3 FES, Tactics Ogre (PSP) and MGS4.

YES. Love P3 and Tactics Ogre is one of the few things that makes me keep my PSP charged.

#120 Posted by Blannir (277 posts) -

Jeanne d'Arc, really enjoying it so far.

#121 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and a bunch of League of Legends. Also getting back into Mount and Blade: Warband.

#122 Posted by fuzzybunny566 (471 posts) -

Paper Mario (n64) and Mario Kart - Double Dash!! (gcn)...i played some of The Adventures of Rad Gravity (nes) today but i couldn't get into it

#123 Posted by Soapy86 (2683 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 4

Darksiders II

#124 Posted by PandaBear (1484 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

Like, right now? Well, Skyrim would answer that question quite well.

I was worried I'd be the only one... trying to avoid spoilers for this is impossible.

#125 Edited by Jeust (11587 posts) -

Replaying Uncharted 1 and Deadspace 2.

#126 Posted by Nightriff (6521 posts) -

Just finished Dead Space 1 again and going to probably play 2 since I never played it.

#127 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

Playing my first MMO Fallen Earth which i cant get enough, and Far Cry 2.

#128 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

I am dying for a fix to my issue (WARNING: SPOILERS IN THAT LINK FOR EPISODE 3 OF) The Walking Dead on PC so I can finish Episode 3. I really don't want to play anything else until I play it.

Also, sadly, that's not the thread I had to create to try to fix the issue, so it's a widespread problem. Playing on the PC myself.

#129 Posted by Corey_F (24 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs and Xenoblade Chronicles. I figure once I am finished with those I may start on the walking dead episodes. I am thinking about letting all five episodes come out then just marathoning them.

#130 Posted by JoeyRavn (5136 posts) -

I'm dividing my time mainly between Darksiders II and Dark Souls, both on PC. I play the odd Android game now and then, and on my Friday my copy of Asura's Wrath for 360 is arriving from Amazon UK, so I'll start playing that game during the weekend.

#131 Posted by tphickma (65 posts) -

just picked up bastion for a second time to try and finish the second half, and playing borderlands again with some friends in honor of 2's not far off release date.

#132 Posted by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

I just finished Sleeping Dogs five minutes ago, so I don't really know what to play now. I will probably finish up the last side missions, but other than that I guess I'll have to wait until AC3 comes out.

#133 Posted by Slag (5789 posts) -
#134 Posted by Rohok (579 posts) -

Trying to beat Skyrim and Guild Wars 2, neither are letting me do it anytime soon.

#135 Posted by Bouncebread (9 posts) -

Playing Guild Wars 2 as much as possible atm

#136 Posted by Christoffer (2107 posts) -

Despite saying to myself that I would never play it again, I'm now fighting my way through Inferno difficulty in Diablo 3 with a friend. I'm having much more fun with the Demon Hunter than the Monk, which I played earlier.

#137 Posted by Pikawai (137 posts) -

I'm playing Sleeping Dogs and Crusader King II.

#138 Posted by Atlas (2571 posts) -

I've played an inordinate amount of Crusader Kings II this summer and I am currently having my most successful game yet. This is the game I play while listening to music or podcasts, and as a massive history nerd and strategy game fan I've been having a whale of a time. No doubt it's my GotY so far.

Aside from that, I recently finished Alice: Madness Returns - three stars, love the atmosphere and the aesthetic but the game is poorly paced, the level design is repetitive, and the battles just become tedious after a while - and I've been playing Renegade Ops here and there over the past week or so; that game is gorgeous in 1080p - playing on PC with 360 gamepad - and has a really good feel to it, but I've just gotten to a tough part that I died on twice so I'll have to kick it up a notch. And last night, I downloaded a bunch of Skyrim mods and made a new character - a female Argonian that I intend to play as a mage - and I think I might finally be ready to start my second proper playthrough after I spent 200 hours on my first one last year.

Having good times with computer games at the moment, despite 2012 being a slow year for games that I'm interested in. Here's hoping that Borderlands 2 is as addictive as the first one, and that Dishonored lives up to the hype.

#140 Posted by bluefish (668 posts) -

I've just finished a few things.

The only thing I have on the go atm is Dust: An Elysian Tale. It's surprisingly good, even after hear much of Brads praise I'm pretty impressed.

I'm on the verge of going back to do another playthrough of either Bioshock Infinite, X-Com: Enemy Unknown or Journey.

#141 Posted by MeganeAgain (125 posts) -

Recently, I've been playing Valkyria Chronicles and Dragon Age: Origins. I am enjoying both games immensely. The addictiveness of DA:O is especially frighting. I've already invested 12 hours into DA:O despite only possessing the game for two days. I would be worried about this if I weren't on break.

And as always, there's the periodic fighting game. I've been alternating between Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code, with Melty being played most. People are playing Melty netplay again thanks to the new and wonderful netplay caster.

#142 Posted by StudsMcKewl (84 posts) -

Currently playing through SC2: HOTS on Brutal, I'm about 20 hours into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and just started Dead Island: Riptide (don't judge me #co-op).

#143 Posted by VanderSEXXX (570 posts) -

Replaying Ninja Gaiden 2 now since my younger sibling bought an Xbox 360.

#144 Edited by TheUnsavedHero (1275 posts) -

I'm pretty sure I've posted here like seven months ago or something, so I'll update it. Last month, finished up the last DLC to Fallout: New Vegas and have yet to actually complete the original main story line. I have taken a break from the wasteland and picked up Injustice on a whim and have been really enjoying jumping back into the fighting game scene since my SSFIV and SFIII: 3rd Strike days about a year ago.

edit: Whoops, apparently my old post is on another "What game are you playing?" thread. Oh well.

#145 Posted by ValorianEndymion (8 posts) -

Playing a bit (alternating titles each day): Drakensang (A nice old school rpg), Crusader Kings II (can ´t wait for the new expansion: Old Gods), Might and Magic Heroes V, Might and Magic VII (in fact I am replaying all old Might and Magic titles, just finished again World of Xeen, which for me the highest point of the franchise).

#146 Edited by Sinusoidal (2407 posts) -

In honor of Bioshock: Infinite recently coming out, I've decided to play through Bioshock 2, which I had previously skipped. If I like it enough, I might give Infinite a shot, but FPS is not my favorite genre. I'm about 2/3s done, and it's hit and miss. harvesting adam stresses me out! I stop and set up a whole bunch of traps, then the splicers inevitably come from some other unforeseen direction. It pisses me off. The latest one, I checked all avenues of approach, one hallway was a dead-end literally like three steps down, I thought "nothing can come from there!". Stupid me, EVERY goddam splicer came from there, directly behind me and my massive wall of - now completely useless - rivet and cyclone traps.

But then I come to some huge security riddled section, and I stealthily hack my way through the whole thing picking up bot allies along the way, then get ambushed from behind and wipe em out with my bot army and some well-placed shotgun blasts and then kick the shit out of a big sister and the game redeems itself.

#147 Posted by CaLe (4347 posts) -

Played Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for about 12 hours. I think I'm done with it though. Never played the original and thought it was a good price, but the game does almost nothing to keep momentum up. The world is bland as hell and the lack of direction works against it rather than give it any feeling of freedom. I have no idea how to fast travel and ended up attempting a quest that was literally impossible for a character my level to complete, running all the way across the world only to hit a dead end. Hell if I'm going back! I'm done.

#148 Edited by donfonzie (237 posts) -

Finished Injustice, and now almost at the end of Dishonored. After this im thinking the new Dishonored DLC, a second run through Deus Ex : Human Revolution, or Far Cry 3. Decisions, decisions....

#149 Posted by theblackfeta (4 posts) -

I got a few arcade games on the go in Battle Block Theatre and Terrerria that I play with the wife. About to start Far Cry 3 and I play Black Ops 2 multiplayer every morning before work. Think I might try Darksiders after I get through Far Cry 3.

#150 Edited by ryvythed (32 posts) -

Mana Khemia and Lego City Undercover, on iOS Door Slammers.