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Not to belittle what you have written but it seem a thread like this gets made every other week. Merely a observation. If you feel that games are a waste of time and have been a detriment to you, then stop. Find something else to fill the time you would otherwise spend gaming. Playing for it's own sake is no good, you seem to want to stop.

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Stop playing games when you stop having fun with them. Seems simple enough to me. Also, don't feel you have to buy new games if you don't feel like you'll enjoy them. Thats how I went from buying, say, 20 games a year when I was 18 all brand new for full price to now, where I buy a new full-priced release maybe a couple times a year and if I'm iffy on something I'll either give it a rent or wait till it hits 15-20$.

Don't let someone give you shit about this because you aren't supporting 'the industry.' I've found that people who usually say that don't pay for games with their own money.

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If it's interfering with life and seems pointless, let go. Simple as that.

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For me I'll stop playing games until I die. After that I wouldn't be able to do anything. I'll cease to exist and be forever in darkness. I'm in a committed relationship until the very end.

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@Mountain_flames Here's a thought. How about you treat games as a hobby and not a way of life. If gaming is the most important thing in your life and you're over 12 or work in the industry you have a problem.
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in a stupid videogame where i can only do what a developer would allow (this last part of the last sentence only came clear after years of playing or as i put it 'BASHING PLASTIC BUTTONS TO WATCH THE PIXELS MOVE ON A SMALL BOX IN MY BOX SHAPED ROOM!')

Things in life are as important and valuable as they think they are. If you think that giving up gaming altogether will make you happier, go for it. If you enjoy gaming and it's not an obstacle for you to develop other aspects of you life, then nobody has the right to tell you to stop doing it. But if you reduce anything to absurdity you will find that nothing really matters and everything is a waste of time.

Do whatever you think that will make you enjoy your life to the fullest and fuck the haters.

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Stop thinking of games as a way of life. They are entertainment. If you are no longer entertained, do something else.

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Stop buying so many games if you feel they're a waste of money. Stop playing games if you feel they're a waste of time.

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You should probably give movies and tv up then also. They are even less interactive than games

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Stop buying so many games if you feel they're a waste of money. Stop playing games if you feel they're a waste of time.

This dude is making so much sense it's painful!
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When I first got my job after college I felt the necessity to pick up any game I was semi-interested in upon release. However, now, besides a big title here and there that I'm pretty excited about, I'll wait for a sale or go back a few years and pick up something I may have missed.

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I play maybe a handful of games a year lately because of how busy I am. Gaming is still great. As are many other things.

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You fucking traitor.

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In the future a large percentage of Xbox Live players will be 70+ geriatrics talking about the old days of COD4

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I'll give you my gamepad, when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

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Why do video games have to be used in such extremes? It's either everything or nothing to some people. You clearly have a problem if that's how you think. But dude just use it as a hobby. Something you do every once in a while. Handle your shit. Make sure you take care of all of your responsibilities to your health, family, friends, work, whatever and then you can spend your free time playing games every once in a while. If you don't think you're responsible enough to do that then you have no business playing games.

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i put down the controller when i get bored. i plan on playing games until i die. i just find the games interesting.

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I would suggest you take a break from gaming for awhile or just cut down on how much you play them. I understand where you are coming from in that I sometimes need to take a break but then after awhile I get back into the hobby. I don't think you are ever too old for it as long as you enjoy.

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I'll give you my gamepad, when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

I think I might of asked you before, if so... Sorry, my memory is really bad.

Are you FourWude, the Gouki player from Texas?

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the fuck is the point of this, if you dont want to play games anymore, then stop buying and playing them. whats complicated about that? if i didnt like games anymore, i wouldnt play them. get some damn self control wtf

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I'm not really sure it's even considerable to lay down a time when a person "quits" gaming. It's a hobby much like anything else, and should be thought of as such. There are your players that will eventually become professionals in their genre, but those are a little spot amongst the common. It's silly to think at any point a person should behoove themselves to quit something due to a peer-pressure. I feel that I will game until the time that the hobby no longer excites me. If I were to do that pre-maturely merely because I feel I'm not grown-up enough with it in my life, I will only be facilitating a false idea.

So, I guess my point in a nutshell is that you stop playing games when they no longer add enjoyment to your lifestyle - not some arbitrary "time of your life" dictated my narrow-minded fools. (There are still people to this day that look at me awkwardly when I purchase a new LEGO set, especially if I do so from Toys'R'Us)

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I buy games every other week, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time and hardly ever finish any, i like to try them on all the machines i have bought but a week or month later i hate to look up and see them in my room because it just reminds me that i haven't played that one or the 5 next to it for more than 10 minutes but i spend all that money on it (not that i make much with the job i am in).

Sounds more like you have a compulsive buying problem.

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You put down the controller when there is absolutely no joy left in picking it up. From what it sounds like, that's what you're experiencing. Maybe it's time that you start moderating it instead of just playing whenever you feel like it. Set aside a specific window for "Video game time." That way, you can use whatever other free time you have to do something else, and you won't have to worry yourself with thoughts of getting rid of gaming forever.

As for me, I'll be a gamer until the inevitable apocalypse. They're cheaper than a movie, more interactive than a book, and just as good as both. Let people look at me weird when I'm 42 and buying Final Fantasy XX. Screw 'em.

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I've experienced a similar feeling you have. A few times during a loading screen I'd reflect by thinking "damn, I've been doing this for a long time and I could've gotten 3 doctorates for the time I've spent."

Then I go to the "real world" to find that most things and people are shit. This is what I've been missing out on? Please.

Nobody will care either way and there's always someone who's gonna hate no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you enjoy. For me, that's still videogames. If you're quitting because of societal pressures, you'll regret it. Let the world burn. But if you seek a better return on your invested time, many things are better than gaming.

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You seem to think that you're wasting time with games. But if you're enjoying yourself then I'd say you're spending it wisely. Though 400 hours is a bit excessive. I have less time as I get older, but when turning on a game I enjoy myself. Not thinking about what else I "should" be doing. Who cares if it's plastic buttons and pixels.

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I'll give you my gamepad, when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

I think I might of asked you before, if so... Sorry, my memory is really bad.

Are you FourWude, the Gouki player from Texas?

I know who you're talking about and no that's not me. I'm FourWude the Shenmue player.

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@Mountain_flames: If thats how you really feel, then yeah you should give up gaming as a pasttime. Its actually pretty sad that you've been so obsessive over videogames, that you feel everything else in your life has suffered. Its just a hobby, like anything else. When it takes over your life to the point where its all you give 100% towards, then its time to take a step back and re-evaluate.

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Are you enjoying yourself when gaming? Is it detrimental to your life, financial/health/social wise?

If you answer no to the first and/or yes to the second, then stop.

Me, I can't predict the future, but I'm confident in saying I will play games till the day I die.