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Posted by Yummylee (21667 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: So which, if any, of the two console-exclusive, GOW-acronymed prequels are you planning to pick up in March? (276 votes)

I'll be getting Gears of War: Judgment. 5%
I'll be getting God of War: Ascension. 9%
I'll be getting both. 4%
I won't be getting either of 'em. 44%
I may get Gears of War: Judgment down the line; waiting on reviews/user impressions/price drop. 11%
I may get God of War: Ascension down the line; waiting on reviews/user impressions/price drop. 12%
I may get both down the line; waiting on reviews/user impressions/price drop. 6%

So next month is bleedin' packed. Given that we've got both the new Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite leading the charge of March, that's making the prospect of people buying either of the PS3/360's respective GOW acronymed exclusive prequels all the more unlikely.

Given the strange series of similarities between the two lesser enthusiastic releases, though, I figured I'd make a poll about them to see if anyone least around here is all too interested in at least one of 'em, let alone both. Between the two, I have to imagine that people are somewhat warmer overall towards Judgment. Which includes me! I am so pervasively excited for Judgment's release whereas Ascension definitely looks incredibly tired and unwelcome. I'm a fan of God of War, but they've pretty much stayed on the same page for five games now. Gears of War has always played rather similar across each new game, too but they still grow in some key areas and change things up, especially when it comes to the multiplayer.

And Judgment is no exception! With so many multiplayer alterations being made--some understandable, some less so--a campaign that's to be fitted with a L4D AI director derivative, and, for as much I know a lot of people around these parts dislike him (though he has his defenders!), a new prequel being lead by Baird and Cole adds another bullet point for me personally as to why I'm looking forward to Judgment.

Ascension's adding multiplayer, though, and... well, that's about it. And multiplayer isn't exactly what a lot of people were clamouring for in a new God of War game no doubt. Besides that the campaign is looking to be completely unnecessary in the grand scheme, too. It's (yet another) prequel, but one where Kratos is still the ghost of sparta, he's still using those fucking blades of his, and his family's still dead. I would have actually been rather excited if this game would star a story that would lead up to Kratos inevitably massacring his family and becoming the Kratos we all know. But as it is, it's all looking like a big blood-soaked case of deja-vue. I am curious to see how it turns out, though, and it's certainly on my ''maybe'' list where I'll probably get it down the line once it goes through a price cut.

They're both going to be well made games, though, there's very little doubt about that. But Judgment, for as unnecessary as it may appear, still thoroughly justifies its existence more so than Ascension does in any case. I'll be getting that sucker day 1 anywhoo, so feel free to add moi on XBLM! Gamertag is BrianMcIrish. It was initially DayLiam, but... well, passwords and secondary emails have been forgotten so besides for offline play, it's pretty much a dead account. Plus setting up a new profile gifts me with like a month's worth of Gold so, whoopee!..

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Not a big fan of God of War so ill probably not buy. I'm going to wait for reviews before buying Gears of War, its been strange that there is no hype for the game yet.

#52 Posted by amp_1986 (82 posts) -

I'm getting God of War. I have absolutely zero interest in Gears of Bore.

#53 Posted by FLYmeatwad (154 posts) -

Don't like Gears much, but love God of War, so I'm going to be getting that one. Are people really that excited for Tomb Raider to put it up on the same level as BioShock Infinite? I know it's been reviewing really well, but still can't shake the Uncharted comparisons, and if there's one thing I definitely don't want it's more gameplay similar to that of Uncharted. Though I imagine the rebooted Croft can't be nearly as terrible as Drake. I mean it would be tough.

#54 Posted by Kerned (1170 posts) -

I see I am not the only one here who doesn't give a fuck about either one.

#55 Posted by Demoskinos (14842 posts) -

Saving my damn money. Although I might redbox God of War.

#56 Posted by Svenzon (720 posts) -

Definitely won't get God of War, but I may pick up Gears further down the line.

#57 Posted by XenoNick (1408 posts) -

Gears all the way, massive Gears fan and pretty decent at the online.

#58 Posted by Pepsiman (2478 posts) -

I'm gonna be picking up the Grapes of Wrath game myself. I don't even know what those other two games are.

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I'll checkout Gears depending on the reviews, and if i can find the will to turn on the 360... I didn't play gears 3...I didn't even pickup the new halo..

Mainly to show some support to people can fly (are they still the ones developing that?)

Because Bulletstorm was an awesome game that got a rough rating on release due to a ridiculous group of gaming hipsters that seemed to be prominent around the time.

#60 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5828 posts) -

I don't really care for either series.

I'm more interested in Tomb Raider this month, and then Bioshock Infinite in march.

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Neither, I am a recently converted PC gamer and I got myself a 20-year-long library of PC games to play. Mods and graphics and shooting with a mouse for a change, yeeeaaahh.

#63 Posted by Jack268 (3387 posts) -

I won't be getting either of them but if I were to buy one it'd be Gears of War.

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Maybe God of War when the price drops.

#65 Posted by phantomzxro (1577 posts) -

Never been into gears so most likely will pick up god of war at some point.

#66 Posted by Abendlaender (2807 posts) -

It seems really weird. These are two really popular franchises, yet nobody (hyperbole) seems that excited.

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At some point I will definitely pick up God of War. But for now, I've got Tomb Raider, Sim City and Bioshock to keep me entertained.

#68 Posted by Marcsman (3199 posts) -

God of War:Ascension MP Beta really sucked. God of War:Ascension demo was very underwhelming. It's a pass for me. This series has officially jumped the shark.

#69 Posted by Vonocourt (2130 posts) -

May get both down the line, noncommittal response yeah. Played both series quite a bit, and neither sidestory really gets me excited. And I've never played GoW multiplayer in past entries, and hated the GoW multiplayer beta.

#70 Posted by TobbRobb (4653 posts) -

With Metal Gear Rising and Ni No Kuni in the bag I'm fine on games for a while. Lost interest in both the GoWs around when Gears 2 came out.

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I'm kind of burned out on the Gears series, honestly. I think I'll pass.

#72 Posted by Quarters (1707 posts) -

I'm leaning more towards God of War. Fun demo. Gears of War...I have an iffy feeling about it. Some of that is due to the change in developer and such.